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Rhewellyn Tannily hails from Hillsbrad and was born some time after the defeat of the orcs during the Second War. She grew up knowing mostly farm work and how to tend to the orchards grown on the land.

Author's Notes: Rhewellyn is a very new character of mine and her background story is still progressing. If anyone on Moon Guard reads this and has something to say, either compliments or positive critique on how to polish it up, please feel free to whisper me in game. Thanks!


Rhewellyn is of average height for a human female and stands at roughly 5'5". Her weight is arguably around 120 lbs to 125 lbs. She also has strong arms that can pull or hoist up a decent amount of weight for her size.

Unlike most of the Hillsbrad populace her hair is not brown or reddish in color but rather a light blond. This may be due to having part of her lineage hail from Southshore or even further south, however Rhewellyn wouldn't really know. Rhewellyn's eyes are gray but have been known to show flecks of blue, shifting with what she is wearing at the time. Her skin is also quite fair but has no freckles or other noticeable birthmarks.

Rhewellyn's ears are pierced at least twice in both ears with silver accessories. This is the most common staple of her attire outside of always keeping her hair tied back with a simple string.

When around people Rhewellyn is quite content and happy. She also wears almost anything in public as well, just so long as it sports her favorite color: blue. Usually however she's donned in robes given to her by the magi of Stormwind City to signify her rank and accomplishments as a mage in training.


A young girl who knows the value of hard work, Rhewellyn believes strongly in the idea that if given enough time and effort, anything is possible. This leads into the notion that she is also quite optimistic, which is true, and is also a person that tries to not let the inconveniences in life stop her.

Rhewellyn is also someone who enjoys making friends. She also doesn't hold grudges very well and as long as peace and balance can be achieved and maintained Rhewellyn can easily live by the motto 'forgive and forget'.


Born to two parents already filled to the brim with children, Rhewellyn was the youngest of three daughters and two sons. She was not the prettiest or the cleverest of her siblings but she could work just as hard as the rest of them when it came to chores and putting food on the table.

The Hillsbrad Fields had a history of being prosperous and although the continent's long history of conflict remained ever since the Dark Portal opened in the south during the First War, people of the Alliance always worked with the land in the north near Lordaeron and beyond. Giving up wasn't in Rhewellyn's family motto and, like many farmers and workers of the region they too saw good fortune when the Second War finally ended and life could return to peace.

Rhewellyn's life was for the most part fairly mundane growing up in the Fields until by accident she froze over one of the family's water basins when they needed ice to break her eldest sister's fever. Her mother, desperate to find something cold enough to soothe her ailing daughter, dreaded to send any of her children to fetch supplies from Southshore or to leave them alone (their father was away at Menethil to visit relatives and did not know his family's plight for aid). Rhewellyn, feeling helpless by being so young and powerless, knew that their well water was all they had and wished with all her might that a miracle for aid would be given to them; instead through Rhewellyn's will and desire for ice she summoned it on her own. These events, which also helped her own sister, began to turn the wheels into motion for Rhewellyn's pursuit of a career as a Mage.

Unfortunately she never had the chance to apply or seek out Dalaran; the Third War started and the threat of the Scourge was upon Lordaeron, supplanting fear into the people of Hillsbrad. Some, like Rhewellyn's family, fled to Southshore for a time. The Tannilys returned to Hillsbrad Fields some time after the end of the Third War but Rhewellyn, saddened by the fate of the kingdom of Lordaeron and the destruction of Dalaran, pleaded her case to travel southward to Stormwind City so she could pursue her original plans. Her parents were dissatisfied with their daughter's urge to leave and demanded she stay, saying she owed it to their family to begin again. Rhewellyn, swamped with guilt, agreed and stayed in Hillsbrad for a few years before the opportunity to move southward appeared again. This time she stayed firm to her wishes, knowing that unbeknown to her own family she kept trying to summon "the Ice" as she called it, over and over again as practice and that if she were to understand her powers more it would not be at the family farm.

Her family released her from her familial duties and gave their reluctant blessings and Rhewellyn began the slow journey southward to Stormwind in hopes that she could find her answers there.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

  • To learn and become a mage and master her powers
  • To return home again to show her family how much she's learned
  • To make as many friends as she can


  • Rhewellyn is a poor fisher, despite her own father being quite the angler, but knows many tidbits and advice on fishing.
  • Rhewellyn loves juice, milk, and some kinds of wine, but she doesn't care much for ale.
  • When bored Rhewellyn tries to make as many rhymes as possible in a sentence to pass the time.

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