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Appearance Edit

Remedy Dawnstride is about average all-around for her race. Long auburn hair, glowing green eyes, the works. She isn't excessively tall or short, nor is she noticeably too plump or too thin. In fact, it'd be hard to pick her out of a crowd were it not for two very distinguishing features she has gained over the years. Half of her left ear is missing, the ragged end looking as if it had been cut - or even bitten - off at some point in her travels. In addition, a large, pale scar trails from the base of her ravaged ear to the corner of her mouth, where it turns her pouting lips up minutely in an twisted grin.

Personality Edit

Intelligent and courteous in a relaxed setting, Remedy is easy to laugh and smile. She likes to surround herself with good friends and good food, and rarely talks of business or personal matters when it isn’t necessary. On the battlefield, she is calculating and fierce, like any good soldier should be. Overall, fairly easy to get along with, hard to anger, and a devoted friend.

Known History Edit

The hard details of Remedy’s younger years have been lost, and are rarely brought up without significant urging. The following is what is known to be fact:

She was born Ramedia Dawnstride to peasant-class parents in Eversong. She was an exceedingly intelligent student, and won over multiple scholars who furthered her education. When the blood elves joined forces with the Horde, Remedy was assigned to aid the Forsaken in the Royal Apothecary Society – chiefly the Research & Development department - as a “symbol of good faith”. She served with them for 2+ years before the Society requested her resignation shortly before the Horde campaign into Northrend.

Along with her service to the RAS, Remedy also involved herself with the Horde’s military forces, and soon was associated with a small outfit called the Alahni Militia. She rose to modest ranks in the force, but was forced to seek other work when the Militia was disbanded some months later. Since then, she’s served in other small private forces, including Hawk Eye, where she served as the Chief Tactical Advisor, and the Silvermoon Expedition, where she labored faithfully under Silvermoon’s Commander in Alterac. After her resignation from the RAS, Remedy took a proffered position in Devotion, where she currently makes use of her now-extensive military knowledge.

Public knowledge and rumors Edit

-Her mutilated cheek and ear are from a bad run-in with Veldbarad Bornevalesh, a crime syndicate that enjoyed modest prosperity.

-‘Remedy’ is merely her preferred handle – a nickname. She dislikes being referred to by her birth name.

-Remedy is currently engaged to Ionisul Rede, with whom she has been involved with for some years.

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