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Character StatsEdit

Name: Remataklan

Race: Draenei

Class: Warrior

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Argus

Residence: None currently.


Rematalkan was part of the crew of engineers that helped maintain the Exodar's dimensional engines. They were known as the Blackhands, since there wasn't a day that went by where they weren't covered from the grime after a day's hard graft. They took great pride of taking care of not only the machinery, but of each other and those less fortunate. Being amongst the rare Draenei that were not wholly embracing of the teachings of the Holy Light of Creation, trusting more of the tools in his hands, he took great pride and joy in his work. The glow of the engines and the hum of the pulsing power lines of the Exodar was music to his ears. His family and friends would sometimes tease him for not following in the steps of his family, a group of paladins and mages, but they accepted that his work made him happy and supported him.

Betrayal Most FoulEdit

His team was making last-minute checks before the order to planeshift was given when a horrible explosion ripped through the compartment they were checking, knocking him through a wall and killing his entire team in a shred of crystal shards and metal. Dazed, he ran screaming to the Chief Engineer's room, the Exodar shuddered and shook from the loss of power, he arrived only to find him dead on the floor. Another one of his team members who had reported in ill that morning stood over the corpse with a Blood Elf's dagger in one hand and a heavy bag in the other. He turned and faced Remataklan, but before he could even ask why, another explosion pierced through the floor beneath them in a fury of fire and energy. As he fell, Remataklan's last memories were the screams of his people as the Exodar groaned and fell through the Nether.

The Last of the BlackhandsEdit

Remataklan awoke in what appeared to be a makeshift hospital. An assistant noticed he was awake and praised the light that he had survived as well. Puzzled by that remark, he asked what he had meant, and the assistant then told him the grim tale of the crash and their survival; he had been comatose for months. His people had since rebuilt from the ashes of the crash and making strides in their new home. Remataklan asked if there were any other survivors of his crew. The assistant looked out into the wilds and told him that there was one, but he had succumbed to his wounds weeks before. His belongings were kept in a chest beside the bed Remataklan had been resting in. Despite the assistant's protest, he leaned over and opened the chest. Inside was a leather sac, and upon opening, he found a clump of gold pieces that had melted together, a parcel of burnt letters...and a ceremonial Blood Elf dagger.

Finding Life in DeathEdit

Weeks would pass before Remataklan regained his strength, but his soul was forever tainted by the memory of the betrayal. There was ample proof that the Blood Elves were behind the sabotage, but the dagger was the only clue that they were betrayed. The letters were burnt and maimed beyond legibility, except for a single scrap that bore a single name: Kael'thas. Overcome by guilt and grief, he swore he would avenge the name of the Blackhands and find peace within himself. In an act of penance, he swore to never take up the work of an engineer until Kael'thas lay dead at his feet. He found faith in a new tool—the sword. He trained long and hard in the ways of a warrior before he felt ready to leave Ammen Vale. Driven by a new-found sense of purpose and a desire to protect those would need it, he set off deeper into the Azuremyst Isle willing to help anyone who would ask for it. Remataklan finds enjoyment in being in and around nature, extracting precious materials that others may find useful in their crafts, still keeping true to his Blackhand nature.

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