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Name: Registin Lawson
Age: 28 Years
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Skin color: Light
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230 pounds
Spouse: None
Children: None
Siblings: One sister, Audine and one brother, Geoffry
Parents: Quentin and Laura Lawson


Registin sports a thick and finely trimmed black goatee, with equally dark hair, much longer than the typical Knight. He stands tall, sits tall, and seems rather at ease while doing so.

Registin's dark, piercing eyes, always seem to cut through to the truth of most matters.


Registin is steadfast in most things, rarely budging from his standpoint or belief. At the same time, he's one of the most open-minded and understanding men in all of Azeroth. He loves to listen and solve problems. Reg enjoys reading, writing, and dabbling into the artistic side of things in his plethora of sketchbooks and journals.

Never imposing his beliefs on others, Registin does not shy from intellectual conflict. An analytical mind and a skeptic at heart, Reg is always seeking the absolute, and always at the ready to defend his understanding and interpretation with evidence and clarity. He has been known to say the things that need to be said, spurring others to do that which is right without coming off as an arrogant, holier-than-thou, know-it-all jerk.


Deep under the thick forest canopy of Duskwood, Registin William Lawson was born into the world of Azeroth to his loving parents, Quentin and Laura.

Alongside his siblings, Geoffry and Audine, Reg learned to tend the livestock and the crops on their small farm just to the west of Darkshire. Even though he had a natural affinity for agriculture, Reg just didn’t feel at peace. He yearned for more, and the life of the farmer was simply not for him.

Many sleepless nights were spent sick with the boredom that his farmland isolation bred. In his imagination, he would remove himself from the small farmhouse, from the collection of livestock and fertile soil, from life as he knew it. He would dream of the adventures of those giant granite statues in Stormwind. Coming to life in eternal battle with the evil and tyranny of the history past, these legends spurred his visions to new heights.

On a fateful summer day at age 10, Registin’s rebellious thoughts quickly turned to hope when he stumbled upon a deeply hidden secret in the dark corners of their family barn. Tucked away in an unused feed storage closet, Reg found a dusty set of armor bearing the markings of the Order of the Silver Hand. Upon closer inspection, an engraving in the lining of the helm revealed the owner of the armor: Quentin William Lawson.

When confronted by this finding, his father did nothing to hide the legacy that he left behind. He took the boy aside and explained the Old Order of the Silver Hand and the Brotherhood of Light. He spoke of Uther Lightbringer, the traitor Arthas, but most of all, he spoke of his friend and mentor, Tirion Fordring. He revealed to young Registin that it was the questionable expulsion of Tirion that led Quentin to leave The Order behind. After answering every question Registin could propose, Quentin locked the armor back within the grain closet, saying only that the Order is dead and nothing but the return of noble Tirion would spur him to don his armor once again.

The following days brought more questions and Registin barely had time to grasp his father’s revelation when catastrophe struck. The story of the Scythe of Elune and the curse it wrought upon Duskwood is legendary. It happened so fast, the Black Riders, the Worgen, the Undead... Reg remembers his father running from the house trying in vain to beat a Worgen back from Laura. He remembers Geoffry falling, Audine screaming. He remembers being struck in the back of the head with something hard, metallic. He remembers a deep darkness, the salty taste of blood, and the distinct smell of decaying flesh.

Registin awoke to a new world. Left for dead, his frail body was found by the relief teams from Stormwind. They brought him to the Northshire Abbey to heal, to learn, and to grow. Full of questions and never satisfied, young Reg decided to take up arms as a Holy Warrior, much like his father. From the beginning, he saw through the charade that called itself “The New Order of the Silver Hand” and grew to understand his father’s adamant view of truth and justice. Much to the chagrin of his teachers, the holy powers came naturally to him and he grew to fully understand the hypocrisy that the Old Order had withered into. Ever-learning, ever-questioning, Registin Lawson continues the fight against tyranny and prejudice in the land of Azeroth.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

Registin finds no solace in the physical world around him. No matter the quantity, the quality, the overwhelming perfection of things, nothing he can find ever truly satisfies. This revelation has led Registin on a quest to find the meaning of all things. The answers to the hard questions, and the possibility that he was not built for this world, but for another world, somewhere beyond the horizon of time and space. His connection is the Light, and he holds fast to it, believing that it holds the key to the riddle that is life on Azeroth.


Registin harbors serious disdain for organized religion and the twisted, polluted messages such institutions spew to their followers.

At an early age, he saw through the hypocrisy that calls itself the "New Order of the Silver Hand" and was deeply troubled by the transformation of the Order since his Father's expulsion. Even more troubling to him was the overall apathy that his fellow colleagues in the Light displayed, just going through the motions of the Order, never questioning, never seeking the truth.

He saw past the charade to something deeper and more meaningful, and because of this, he will forever remain an outcast to those that would embrace him as family.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

Registin is an outcast from the New Order of the Silver Hand. He is an easy-going Knight, but never afraid to debate and stand up for his beliefs.

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