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Reanai Silverwind is a level 70 Blood Elf Rogue on the US Moon Guard server.

Appearance Edit

Reanai appears as ordinary as any average male blood elf. He is estimated at a height of 6 feet 6 inches tall, and weighing around 190 pounds. A dark tan has developed over his body. Scruffy, black hair lines down to his jaw, appearing unkempt. Stubble lines his face, while a distinctive goatee marks his chin. Structurally, he is built liken to a runner, holding a pronounced figure with lean muscles. While his face and other surfaces hold little to no markings, scars are widely apparent along his chest and backside.

Typically, Reanai dawns light clothing when in Silvermoon, but he has been seen wearing full, reinforced leather armor when returning from battlegrounds or operations.

Personality Edit

Very little seems to affection Reanai's ever-cheery mood, as he is rarely seen without a smile upon his face. He has been seen to mix with any race or social class around, Horde or Alliance, often found drinking and laughing alongside them. He is very flirtatious when dealing with women, without discretion to race or class, often cooing or purring with his intricate wordings. He has a deep loathing of boredom, and thus makes all efforts occupy himself with some manner of business.

When he does settle down, Reanai is very mellow and philosophical in his conversation. In one-on-one conversations, he will provide ambiguous answers to all questions, even concerning his own history.

Background Edit

While his actual age is unknown, Reanai has been seen during the First War, and has participated in every battle afterwards. He accompanied Prince Kael'thas into Outlands, returning shortly thereafter to support the rebuilding of Quel'thalas. Other than these details, little is known about Reanai as he give almost no inkling about his background. Despite his unknown history, he displays vast experience with close-quarters combat and reconnaissance in the fields of battle.

Reanai's occupation dictates him to work for various companies across Outlands and Azeroth. Given his knowledge in combat, he is often hired to assist such companies towards progressing the battles taking place across the land, ranging from Warsong to Alterac Valley. Also, he regularly participates in the Steamwheedle Cartel's Gladiator matches.

At the present time, he does not have a permanent home.

With the invasion of the Sunwell, Reanai has taken an active role in the Shattered Sun Offensive, dawning their tabard and actively participating in the battle.

Character Traits Edit

  • Of all the alcohol he drinks, Reanai holds a passionate love for Booty Bay's Cherry Grog.
  • He never reveals his name to anyone.
  • The same flirtacious tone he uses with women is often employed upon his targets / opponents.
  • He is an out-spoken supporter of Prince Kael'thas.

Rumors Edit

  • It is speculated that Reanai works for the Silvermoon Council.

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