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AllianceNPC 32  Peri Gearblade
Peri Gearblade
Talent SpecCombat
ProfessionsSkinning, Mining
RealmMoon Guard
GuildYe Ole Rummers

Peri Gearblade is an up and coming rogue on the realm of Moon Guard.


Peri is of average height for a gnome. In a word, she is short. She has emerald green eyes and shoulder length brown hair. Not the most fashion conscious, she'll wear whatever is handy as long as it covers her important parts.


Peri was born in Gnomeregan. She became separated from her parents during the cities evacuation, and assumes they perished there as she has had no word about them.

Goals and motivationsEdit

To explore all of Azeroth and the areas through the Dark Portal before she grows too old to do so.


Peri is friendly to everyone, including members of the Horde. She has come to realize that the Horde does not understand what she is saying, but she'll still try and talk to them.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

So far Peri has stayed under the radar so to speak.

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