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Age 75 (Young adult, app. 24 in human years)
Height 5'6"
Weight 124 lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Pale blonde
Spouse None
Children None
Siblings Lyeria
Parents Mother: Deceased, Father: Deceased
Pets Zirlo the Netherwhelp
All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

((Character art done by Metaphoric Muse on GaiaOnline.))


Dark, long lashes outline her almond shaped eyes that glow a bright shade of emerald. Long pale blonde hair hangs down a bit past her shoulders, framing her thin pale face. Her lips are just short of full, and colored a light pink color. She has a small nose and high cheekbones, yet her features fall just short of beautiful.

Her body is thin and lithe, with an average height of a Sin'Dorei female. Around her neck hangs a fine silver chain with an oval shaped pendant with a dark blue stone; set into the stone is a gold eight-pointed star.


Ophyria is a cynic. She doesn’t suffer stupidity or incompetence and does not hesitate to inform you of being such. She keeps a constant guard up, appearing to be aloof and cold on the exterior. But once someone gets to know her, they can find her to be kind and caring, almost the opposite of how she tries to appear. She doesn’t speak very much and avoids getting to know people, but actually longs for friendship.


Ophyria’s lineage can be followed back to the days of Azshara and the sundering of the elves. Her family was of rather high ranking nobility of the Highborne. But through the High Elves’ exodus their rank fell steadily until their family name became nothing more than that of commoners.

Her mother was born during the time of the Amanni encroachment, and eventually dedicated her life to the priesthood. She met Ophyria’s father on the battlefield, who was a soldier. They had Ophyria at a relatively young age, which was a bit before the first war. Three years later, they had another daughter named Lyeria. The two sisters fought often as children and never seemed to be able to get along.

Ophyria was raised in the priesthood, always knowing what her eventual path would be. She studied for many years under her mother and the other priestesses, learning much of the light and how to use it. She spent very little time around her sister, trying her hardest to avoid her.

When Arthas attacked Silvermoon, Ophyria helped the other priestesses evacuate the city. Her father was with the other soldiers, defending their people and their city. After the attack was over, Ophyria, Lyeria, and her mother discovered that he had died protecting them.

In the wake of the disaster, she began to feel the hunger and need for magic like her fellow elves. She tried to comfort some and help where she could, but knew she was helpless and just as cursed as everyone else. When the weak and old began dying first, Ophyria’s mother among the number, she lost all innocence and naivety at seeing the harshness of reality. She became hard and cynical, but started taking responsibility for her sister and trying to take care of her as best she could. Prince Kael’thas’s promise to rescue his people any way he could and restore them to their former glory hit Ophyria hard and she began to let herself hope for a miracle.

Even though she didn’t like the idea of having to leech off of creatures to survive, Ophyria saw the necessity of it and accepted it as part of her new life. She encouraged Lyeria to accept the practice and was glad to see her sister be obedient. But at seeing her sister so drawn and obedient to her word, Ophyria began to feel guilt and responsibility for Lyeria. She left Lyeria with some magisters, promising to find a way to help their broken family and left, knowing in her heart she was running away.

She spent a year traveling Azeroth, evading the changes of her people such as joining the Horde and the starting of the Blood Knights. She interacted with people very little, but sent things back to Lyeria. She mostly sent letters detailing her experiences in parts of the world, little sketched maps and pictures, and a few times she sent a piece of jewelry or clothing. She never got a letter back, though she figured it was because of the fact she never stayed in one place for long. But once Ophyria’s travels led her to the Outlands, her life changed forever.

She managed to slowly make her way to Shattrath but was shocked and appalled at the discovery of the Scryers. She had spent the past year clinging to the hope of Kael’thas saving her people that at first she would not believe what they had to say. Her stay in Shattrath grew from a day to a month as she watched the Aldor and Scryers become one under the banner of the Shattered Sun Offensive. She listened to Lady Liadrin speak with A’dal and finally came to accept the truth. She joined the Scryers and began working with them, momentarily forgetting about her promise to her sister.

Goals and MotivesEdit

For the moment, Ophyria has forgotten her promise to her sister and is focusing entirely on aiding the Scryers. She wishes to see her people restored to their former glory, but preferably not the addicts they once were. She looks to the remaining High Elves for hope, knowing there has to be some way they escaped the pain and torment that inflicted her people not too long ago.


At first Ophyria never got along with her sister Lyeria. They fought often as children and Ophyria would pick on her or try to avoid her completely. But once the sunwell was destroyed, Ophyria began to care for her sister, Lyeria being the only family she had left. She was at first glad to see her sister didn’t hate her, but got scared at the deep bond they had began to form so Ophyria ended up running away. While she was traveling, she would often think of her sister but her thoughts have all been taken up by thoughts of the Scryers and betrayal.


  • Ophyria’s two large bags of fine robes accumulated over her travels has become a joke at the Scryer bank.
  • Ophyria holds sympathies for the Alliance and hasn’t fully accepted her people’s joining of the Horde.
  • Even though Ophyria is currently practicing shadow magic, she prefers to heal when she can.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

No records can be found due to the recent destruction of the city. Ophyria’s relation to Lyeria can be considered public knowledge, as she would have previously spoken often of her. A rumor can be heard of Ophyria having a relationship with a paladin, but the rumors have been all but silenced with another rumor of them splitting up.