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Stats Edit

Name: Nyreai Neko
Nickname: Ny, (But by her father, Nyr)
Age: As a Night Elf, 90, ((in human years about, 17-19))
Hair Color: Sky Blue
Eye Color: Glowing Hazel
Skin Color: Light Night Elf, Blue
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Siblings: Kumorineko, Aelondra, and Salfita
Husband: Taner Sunwell Neko
Children: Engi, and Gliineth
Parents: Galavis and Eveningmoon Neko
Pets: None right now.

Appearence Edit

She is a bit tall and lean, with sky blue hair tied in a ponytail. She wears a eagle worn vest and a long sea blue cloak from her adventures in the Deadmines. She has glowing hazel eyes and the Night Elf markings. She wears Barkmail leggings her sort of style. She carrys both shield and sword for protection and because they are a mark of the Warrior.

Personality Edit

As I said, Nyreai can appear to be soft and weak, but on the inside (and it sometimes shows on the outside) she is strong and passionate, especially being the younger sister of four, she has learned to cope well, especially when her sister's left her to embark on their on adventures she grew up a bit lonley.

History/Background Edit

She was born the youngest of four female Night Elves. Her sister's, Kumori, Aelondra, and Salfita went off to start their adventures, when Nyreai was born. But she was handed down to her aunt and uncle to take care of her. Because in her family lurked an evil curse. One that turned your eyes black and made you kill the ones you love. Soon her parents died of the curse after trying to control it for so long, but her Aunt and Uncle became the parents she had. Unfortunetly the curse was transmitted through sexual actions so her sisters,her children, and loved ones would get it someday.

But two of her sister's found a way to control it. They sealed it away until it one day came back to them then they would do the same thing. But unfortunetly Salfita the second youngest could not control it. She lost control and went lose. Now she is has had it for sixty years and didn't even know Nyreai was born, she doesn't know anyone anymore. But soon we was revived and now trying to gather the lost sixty years of her life.

Nyreai set off to find her sister's and she did. She found Aelondra and Kumori. Although Aelondra and Kumori had a falling out ever since Aelondra had turned against her. Nyreai delt with it. She soon joined the guild her sister, Kumori, belonged too. The Silver Knights, were a couragous guild who fought the evil of Azeroth. Nyreai being a bit inexperienced in the code of conduct for the guild was assigned to a mentor from the guild. His name was Taner and he was a handsome Night Elf Druid, who soon became Nyreai's best friend as well as the love of her life.

Soon war struck and the Silver Knights were in battle with the Hand of Tyranny an opposing guild to them. When the war came down to murder, kidnapping, and sacrificing, Taner confessed his love to Nyreai. Soon the war ended but peace wasn't exactly sealed between them but it settled for now. And on a bright summer day Nyreai and Taner were married.

They settled down in Goldshire but moved from the increasing population of the Defias Brotherhood. Soon they had a lovley son, although he was Human, they still loved him. They named him Gliineth and he grew to be a very strong priest. Then they had another son, he was a Gnome.Odd for two Night Elve's but it did happen occasionally too. They named him Engi and he was there pride and glory as well as Gliineth. While Engi attended school in Stormwind, Taner and Nyreai worked with the Silver Knights. But soon the curse slowly crept on Nyreai and things had to be done. Taner was with her no matter what happened and so were, Kumori and Aelondra. But was her fate sealed?

Goals/Motivations Edit

Nyreai hopes to rid the world of the curse that killed her parents and drove her sister crazy, and that would someday ruin her life. She hopes to have a loving family and she never wants to lose Taner, never.

She desperatly wants to connect with Salfita and free her from the thing that holds her most, the past.

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