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Numm is a Troll Warrior who at the time of this writing is level 26. He is a primarily role playing character that exists on the server Moon Guard and is a member of Zandalari.

Appearance Edit

Numm seems almost sickly in how skinny he is, and his surprisingly pale blue skin certainly doesn't help the appearance. However, he is incredibly tall at 8'7" and has faint traces of red in his skin, showing that he is a Zandalar. His tusks are enormous, and extend surprisingly far out, causing his already long face to seem even more stretched out. By Troll standards, he would almost be considered handsome, but there is far too much of an air of strangeness about him to allow that.

Yellow and black paint cover his entire face and body. Some parts seem to represent some sensible meaning (although even a well-traveled Troll could not tell what it they actually DO mean), while others are more of an abstract smattering with absolutely no discernible rhyme or reason.

His shaggy red hair is tangled and flies every which way, and his nails are incredibly dirty both on top and underneath. However, they have been filed down, if messily, and the longest parts of his hair have been gathered by a small yellow band. There has been at least some attempt at "normalcy" here.

Possibly the most striking feature of Numm is his red eyes. When open, they burn with a maniacal desire that completely destroys any sense of sanity he could possibly attempt to display. He rarely blinks.

Background Edit

In Reality Edit

Numm was an odd Zandalari from birth, and always swore he could speak to the elements and that he saw elementals. He also had a tendency to have violent fits for practically no reason, and even accidentally killed another Troll child when he was 8. From that point on, he was a bit of a pariah, but was still tolerated.

An abusive mother was another trouble that Numm was forced to put up with. He was often used as "bait" for the day's hunting, and forced to go eat with other families. He was allowed, but his awkward appearance, being very tall and yet scrawny and sickly, certainly didn't help to make him any more accepted, and he ended up spending most of his time alone. Or, at least, what everyone else called alone. To him, he was always talking with elementals, who he considered great friends. This early exploration of many different kinds of people and ostracizing seem to have made him more accepting of different people and races.

Thus the pattern of his life for several years went that he would hunt on his own during the day, bring something back and eat dinner, then leave and sleep on his own again. When Kenyeni was designated to form Zandalari and help take back the old land, this was seen as a perfect opportunity to shove the village idiot off on someone else. So, there Numm is now.

In His Words Edit

"Once, dere be dis'lil' Troooll. Lookidd'im', haaappy liddle Trooooooll! Looookidd'im' runn'n'jump'n'play dee'lil' games'n'such! 'JAAA! Ja'play dem gaaames, liddle Troll!' A'leas', das' wha' we waaaan'be sayin' ta'daa'lil' Troll... Buh, alas, dis'lil' Troll wasn' like dee udder'lil' Troooollsies, noooo he wadd'n...

"See, dis'lil' Troll-pup saaaaw 'tings, an' he heeeeard'tings. 'Tings'dee'udder Trolls didd'n. An'idd wadd'n his faul', noooo idd'wadd'n. An'sooo... Dey says'da'im, 'Lil' Troll! Why'ja'be scarin'da'udder'lil' Trolls da way ja'be scarin'em wid'ja' foolish lil' stories 'bou'tings dat ain'dere?' An'dee liiil' Troooll... He ain' godds no ansaa'.

"No'jus'dat, bu'dis'lil' Troll... Seeeee, he could talk'ta'da elements real good-like. Bu'sometimes he no'be knoooowin' jus'wha' he meeeessin'wiiiid'. An'idd wadd'n his faul', noooo idd'wadd'n. An'sooo... Dey says'da'im, 'Lil' Troll! Why'ja'be hurtin'da'udder'lil' Trolls da way ja'be hurtin'em wid'ja' foolish lil' fits ja' be havin?' An'dee liiil' Troooll... He ain' godds no ansaa'.

"Well one day, dis'lil' Troll, he waaadd'n so liiiddle nooo'mo'. An'dee Troll, heee godds'da 'tiiinkin'... An'dee Troll, heee godds'da praaacticin'... An'dee Troll, he done found oudd why he hadd'n godds no ansaa'. S'because... D'ERE IS NO DAMNED ANSAA! DEE END!"

Things Others May Know/Notice Edit

He's totally batshit, and doesn't often explain himself. Any personal questions are usually either ignored or answered with an off-the-wall story or total nonsequiter. If this is an intentional dodge or if he's just really that nutty is difficult to determine. He is not a loner, however, and will often seek the company of any Zandalari he can find. In large gatherings, he often drums out surprisingly good beats that seem to have a magic and power of their own. He is curiously skilled at playing, often even with completely makeshift "drums". During such sessions he almost seems normal.

He is a Zandalar Troll, and a deceptively fierce one at that. His unassuming, crazy nature coupled with his sickly appearance make him seem frail and weak. In battle, however, he is incredibly ferocious and skilled, and fights with a strength that doesn't seem possible for any Troll, let alone him.

Numm doesn't seem to notice pain from any source, which is a terrible thing in combination with his mental state. Often he attempts to perform very strange things, such as seeing how high he can fall from without breaking anything, balancing sharp objects on his tusks, and the like. He often injures himself greatly in the process, but doesn't appear to notice or care.

Others may also notice his tendency to compare things (especially races) to various fruits, but never explains his connections even when asked. The sky is amazingly interesting to him at times for some reason. He speaks of sexual activities and such often in a joking way, but only if it doesn't involve him at all. To an extent he would almost seem asexual, though some could pick up on his preference for females with larger backsides, and the fact that he finds Orc women, as well as Troll women, attractive. He is also surprisingly trusting of Blood Elves once they have given him a reason not to hate them.

He cares deeply for the Zandalari Tribe and everyone in it. It seems as if this is the closest he's ever had to a real family, and he hates being alone. Numm may sometimes even bug other tribesmen by hanging around them for too long. He, of course, won't notice this, and only means well. Story time is his favorite time.

Miscellaneous Info Edit

  • Numm is 23 years old. For a Troll, this age is equivalent to around 26 for a Human.
  • Numm is extremely tall (even for a Zandalar Troll), standing 8'7" in full. However, he is very skinny and slouches more than most male Trolls. As such, he does not immediately appear to be so large.
  • Numm, like most Trolls, speaks heavily accented Orcish due to his limited mental capacity and a lack of care for further study. Being a Troll, he also speaks Zandali. As a member of Zandalari, he is also familiar with the tribe's private language, a modified version of Zandali.. This is aided by the language-adding AddOn Lore.
  • In game, Numm has a full profile written in the role playing AddOn MyRolePlay.
  • Nicknames
    • Nummy/Nummeh
    • Numm Numm
    • The Loon/Da Loon
    • Banana Troll
  • Likes
    • Laughing
    • Pointy things
    • Sharp things
    • Pointy and sharp things
    • Trolls
    • Orcs
    • Women (both Trolls and Orcs)
    • Cherries
    • The smell of cherries
    • Women (both Trolls and Orcs) that smell like cherries
    • Tauren
    • Story time
    • Not being tickled
    • Music
    • Playing music
    • Being with others
    • Winning
  • Dislikes
    • Murlocs
    • Treants
    • Murlocs and Treants working together
    • (Most) Elves
    • Cheese
    • The smell of cheese
    • Elves that smell like cheese
    • (Most) Undead
    • The Alliance
    • Being tickled
    • Silence
    • Being alone
    • Losing

Relationships Edit

  • Friends
    • Banepaw Fellowship - As allies of Zandalari, Numm considers all Banepaw Fellowship members to be his allies as well.
    • Catawba - A somewhat quiet Tauren Numm met at a story circle.
    • Kenyeni - Leader of Zandalari. Numm highly respects her, and seems to have imbued her with a maternal image.
    • Sinar Svilring - A rather happy, "uncommon" Blood Elf that Numm has become quite good friends with.
    • Trehmar Banepaw - Leader of Banepaw Fellowship. Has (unintentionally) gained much of Numms respect, and shares his enjoyment of stories.
    • Venthila - A very different sort of Blood Elf. Her differentness piqued Numm's interest initially, and he can somewhat identify with her situation.
    • Yobu - A fellow Zandalari. Both love cherries and are often mistaken as being related due to their superficial similarities (despite the fact that Numm is a Zandalar and Yobu is not), especially to those not familiar with Trolls.
    • Zandalari - Numm is a member and considers all other members family.
    • Zelazan - A fellow Zandalari. Numm introduced her to the tribe, and they are often found trying to get into various forms of mischief together.
  • Enemies
    • Eldrie - A rather posh socialite Blood Elf, and sister of Sinithil. Numm only recently discovered that her stories are not true and is now mad that she "lied" to him, as well as disliking her racist comments against Zandalari and Trolls in general.
    • Milenquo - An Undead that experimented on Zelazan and otherwise caused trouble for Zandalari. Also a member of Veldbarad Bornevalesh.
    • Sinithil - A slightly effeminate Blood Elf with absolutely no love for Zandalari or any Troll. Brother of Eldrie. Numm hates him for his racist comments and rude behavior towards Svilring.
    • Veldbarad Bornevalesh - A guild currently hostile to Banepaw Fellowship and Zandalari.
    • Zaelina - A Blood Elf that had an unfortunate meeting with Zandalari that ended in her supposed death. After returning to life by uncertain means, she seems to have made it her purpose to slander Zandalari and Trolls and incite an uprising against them.

About The Player Edit

Me? Um, well, my name's Kyle Robinson. At the time of this writing, I'm 20 years old and a sophomore at Centre College. I'm double majoring in Computer Science and Dramatic Arts. I love acting, writing, reading, and playing games of all types. In short, I'm your average gamer nerd with a penchant for the dramatic. Also, I'm an attention whore. I aspire to become a voice actor some day. I have a pretty good life but I still get stressed at times, so playing Numm's carefree, no-rules personality is a good release for me. Plus I just genuinely enjoy RPing.

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