Neliatania Flamefeather is a level 64 Hunter on the Moon Guard server, originally on the Earthen Ring server. Neliatania is currently inactive.


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Appearance Edit

Large guileless eyes meet yours with a look of naïve curiosity. This elf is shorter than average, and appears quite frail.

History Edit

Neliatania is the daughter of two Farstrider Rangers, who managed to escape the Scourge invasion by hiding out in the mountains in the northern part of Sunstrider Isle. She has an older brother by about fifty years, Arvelen Starsplinter.

Neli has a bad stutter, and was very sickly as a child, much to the derision of her father and other Blood Elves. This sickness does not seem to be related to magic addiction, but rather part of the girl’s physiology.

Since leaving home to befriend the orcs in Kalimdor, she has taken the surname Flamefeather, which is her mother’s maiden name.

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