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  • Name: Nadim Solliden
  • Age: Looks around 15-17 in human years.
  • Height: Five and a half feet
  • Marital Stats: Taken
  • Family: Simon Solliden (adopted father), Dusty, Jezhe, Ezima, Xantenise Solliden (adopted sisters), Gasten Solliden (adopted brother); Celeania Therrand (aunt, undead), Sanirah Galumi (sister, deceased), Aaisha Goldsail (mother, deceased), Rorcar Galumi/Ion Rede (father, status unknown, believed to be alive but missing).
  • Hair Colour: Brown, though there are rumours it is dyed.

The StoryEdit

Birth, Early Life and the ProcedureEdit

Nadim was born the youngest of twins to Aaisha and Rorcar Galumi.

(More coming soon.)


Nadim and co vanished from Azeroth in late September to go sailing. It is believed they will return soon.

The Solliden ClanEdit

Born the son of Aaisha Goldsail and Rorcar Galumi, Nadim was adopted as Dusty's grandson. However following their departure from Azeroth, he has become closer than that, and now Dusty considers him as an actual son.

In spite of not being related by blood to her, he is the most protective and loving of the girl.


Before the expedition, Nadim barely knew his adoptive family beyond the occasional contact with his aunt, Xantenise.

Dusty SollidenEdit

Pre-expedition, Nadim rarely talked to Dusty. When they first met, Dusty found him extremely annoying, but took pity on him when the expedition set out and took him with her.

Xantenise SollidenEdit

While Xantenise and Nadim often clash where Jezhe is concerned, Xantenise keeps a watchful eye over her nephew and would protect him as soon as she would protect any other Solliden.

Ceydale Haren'ForEdit

Once Nadim's travelling companion, at first the two could do nothing but bicker. However, as both men weren't exactly very bright, they were like peas in a pod, annoying the populace of Silvermoon together. A romantic relationship developed, but was short lived - though Nadim adored Ceydale, the blood knight died after he choked on a pretzel, which incapacitated Nadim with grief for months until he left with his family.

Jezhe SollidenEdit

Nadim is fiercely protective of his little adopted sister, and far more loving and nurturing than the rest of his family over her. Though it takes a lot to get him to say it out loud, he considers himself more her guardian than anybody else, and worries for her future.

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