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Class Edit


Profession Edit

Skinning & Mining






Curvy, but not quite chubby. She hides a deep scar on her left breast. She has aquamarine colored skin, with peacock blue hair pulled back into braids, a few loose hairs hanging down around her right eye.

Eye colorEdit

Violet around the outer edges which turns to gold around the pupil.

Piercings Edit

She has a few hoops in her ears, and a small silver stud at the top of each. She was also given two piercings by Mari'cas. That night, Mambazo had given her her first drink, nursing her back to health during her hangover. Mari'cas had watched over her, ready to help as well, if needed. Tasi has a tongue stud to remember Mambazo by the drink, and a stud at the end of her left brow for the watchful eye of Mari'Cas.


The ocean, fishing, adventure, Mambazo, her tribe, dancing.


Whiners, being unable to help the tribe, being told she's too weak, people and creatures alike losing their parents.


Chickens, hairless spiders.

Music that inspired this character Edit

Can't Stop The Rain, by Cascada. A lot of other Cascada songs seem to fit her, too.

Personality Edit

Shy and reserved in large groups or around strangers, but is quite outgoing,playful and flirtatious amongst friends. She is incredibly loyal to her mate, and her tribe though, and will defend them even if it means certain death for herself. She's strong and independant and prefers to do things on her own. Despite her life experience, she is still as naieve as a child when it comes to relationships, and other trolls.

Anything the Tribe would know Edit

She has her quiet moments, but always tries to lighten somber moods with a cheerful attitude and some dance.

General BackgroundEdit

At the age of 6, she had gone out to play with one of her friends out by the ocean near her villiage. As the sun had begun to set, she headed home for dinner. Upon her arrival home, she discovered her mother, father, and baby brother slaughtered, and strewn about their hut. Her mental state completely collapsed, and she sat amongst her slaughtered family for days before a young raptor wandered into the house. The raptor moved to feed from her parents, at which point Mun'Tasi snapped out of her daze and chased the raptor from her home. She chased the raptor until it stopped near a creek. Laying next to the creek was a much larger raptor, presumably the youngin's parent. The realization came over her, and she pulled a piece of meat from a pack that she had tied around her waist. Offering it to the raptor, who greedily gobbled up the meat, she smiled. For the first time in days, she smiled. She ventured out into the world, choosing the path of the hunter to survive in the wild, with raptor Tango by her side.

Years later, Tasi was a grown woman. She suddenly began to suffer from nightmares of her past, dreams of her parents being killed over and over again. Mingled with the dreams, a voice seemed to call out to her. She couldn't understand the voice, but it felt...comforting. It was beckoning her. To where? She wasn't sure, but she wandered, following her instinct. Wandering through Orgrimmar, she met a male troll...she didn't know why, but she liked him. He felt..familiar. She seemed to keep running into him over the days, and they had begun to flirt a little. The initial shyness from years of solitude wearing off. The next day, a voice spoke to her through a stone which she had kept in her pouch. "Come to Grom'gol", it said. Again, she followed her instinct, and made her way to the camp. There, was a large group of trolls. All so different, yet all together. Mun'Tasi was home with her tribe, the Zandalari.

Much to her delight, the male that she had been running into was also there. He was named Mambazo. Mun'Tasi grew to enjoy his company more and more, and soon, they began courting. She had even named her raptor 'Tango', much like 'Mamba' which Mambazo had been nicknamed. A few days earlier, she had also met a troll named Takado. Mun'Tasi had wandered off after a meeting, when the rest of the tribe had begun to dance. Not knowing how to dance, Takado taught her, and she fell in love with dance. It began to consume her. Now, whenever Tasi begins to feel stressed out, or tense, she dances to relieve some tension, often emploring others to join her. Out of boredom, Tasi has also discovered fire dancing! So now, she tneds to practice with the torches that Thogar helped with when there are little to no others around. She hides a few burns under bandages, though lucky, she hasn't had any major damage done.

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