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Mishaizi Zul'mai is of average height and weight for her race. She is fit and trim, with a sort of lean muscle that comes from her specialty in melee combat. Her fur is a pale, grayish blue, and her hair is black. She usually wears it completely down, but pulls half of it back to keep it out of her face for fighting. Her eyes are usually of an amber color, but can turn a fierce red when her bloodlust consumes her. She has many piercings; her ears have many gold and silver hoops dangling from them, her nose is pierced with a silver hoop in the left nostril, and a trio of bone piercings go down the sides of both of her thighs. Bracelets dangle at her wrists and ankles. Tribal marking tattoos are banded around the upper parts of both of her arms. She often keeps her face painted to some small degree as a form of intimidation, usually using the blood of whatever she has been most recently killing to paint stripes along her cheeks. She has a various assortment of scars from battles, but only one seems particularly noticeable. A scar remains on her right third finger, where it seems to have been severed from her and then grown back.


Mishaizi not exactly the most helpful and kind of trolls, but will act in these ways in order to accomplish a duty she has set herself to. She presents herself to others as a more light hearted and not serious person, joking around and trying to be fun to be around, though this is often a sort of facade. She can often be blunt to a fault, not really caring if feelings are hurt in order to get her point across. She has recently been even more quick to anger than before, and will not hesitate to resort to violence.

She has no deep set faction or race loyalties that stand in her way, and is willing to kill or love everyone equally. She judges people by who they are and in what ways their affections can benefit her, not by race or faction.


Mishaizi has not spoken of her past outright to any of the people she has allowed to get close to her. However, she does little to hide herself or it away.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Her major goal is to wipe out all of her enemies. This mainly includes the enemy jungle trolls within Stranglethorn Vale, particularly those in Zul'gurub. However she continuously keeps attempting this goal on her own, despite the fact that it is basically a suicidal endeavor.


  • Seems to have a tendency to flirt with or whistle at female draenei, since their booties are quite obviously irresistible.
  • Appears to love animals. She is often accompanied by her Azure Whelpling that she calls Piti'ri, and has a plethora of riding beasts, all that have their own personalities and names.
  • Does not go out of her way to drink alcohol, but when she does drink, drinks only the strongest drinks and to a monstrous excess.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

Mishaizi has been often spotted in Stranglethorn Vale, though only for brief glimpses at a time. A swath of dead jungle trolls can usually be found in her wake.

It is rumored that she has gone slightly insane, as she has recently started caving to her blood lust and breaking down into rages in the public eye. She has been having more trouble hiding everything.

External linksEdit

  • Armory Mishaizi's armory page.

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