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Minomi is average height and weight for a human female, not particularly athletic nor overweight. Her silver hair is shoulder length but she keeps it put up all the time. She has deep blue eyes whose color looks almost unnatural.


Minomi is upbeat and usually smiling. She is happiest when torturing anyone or thing she thinks deserves to be in pain though. Friendly but untrusting, she is very loyal to the few people she truly considers friends. She never hesitates to help another....if it suits her best interest. She loathes trolls and will take any opportunity to injure or kill one.


Born in a small village outside of Stormwind, Minomi was groomed from an early age to become a priestess. Her father, a retired Stormwind guard, and her mother, a tailor, tried their best to raise her to be loving and kind toward others. For the first 6-7 years all went well, until Stormwind sent her father a letter, ordering him to return to service, with the Horde attacks growing in frequency the current guard could not repel them alone. With her father gone and her mother at work, Minomi was left to do as she pleased, sometimes for days at the time.

On a certain fateful afternoon Minomi was wandering Stormwind when she stumbled into a dark basement, used as a gathering place by warlocks, fascinated by their control of demons and arcane magic, she hid in a shadowy corner and watched the proceedings, seemingly unnoticed. For weeks afterword she returned to the place on every opportunity, hiding in the shadows and studying the warlocks as they summoned demons and commanded them, practiced their arcane spells of affliction, and drained the souls out of their enemies for use in conjuring. She'd come early, hiding before the warlocks arrived, and leave late after they had dispersed, never mentioning to her mother where she was going, she knew her parents would never approve of her being with people who practiced dark arts. Outside of Minomi's knowledge an elder warlock by the name of Leute had noticed the young girl's presence at the meetings and carefully studied her. Having no children of her own to pass on her knowledge to, she decided to take Minomi under her wing.

She stayed after her companions left one day, sitting in the middle of the summoning cirlce staring intently at Minomi's hiding place. Realizing she was caught, Minomi tried to run for the door only to run right into the arms of a voidwalker controlled by the warlock. It bodily lifted her, ignoring her screaming and kicking in protest, and carried her to the summoning circle placing her on the floor in front of it's master. Realizing she could never escape the voidwalker's vice like grip, she ceased her struggle and peered through terrified eyes at the woman in front of her. After Leute managed to convince Minomi that she meant her no harm, and upon offering to teach Minomi the things she knew, Minomi enthusiastically agreed. Over the next 11 years Minomi studied under the elder warlock, no longer hiding in the shadows, but invited to come and witness the arcane up close. She studied hard in secret and soon was able to cast several weak spells and even summon and control a small imp. She spent her free time running about the back alleys, afflicting and killing rats. Her young mind was however still too easily influenced, and soon the frequent use of arcane magic began to undo the years of love and kindness taught to her by her parents. She began to enjoy causing the creatures she hunted pain, torturing them instead of just killing them.

At 16, Minomi and her mother received word from a Stormwind messenger that her father had been killed by a troll, her mother, sick with grief, stopped eating and soon after became direly ill and died. Angry and vengeful over the loss of her parents, Minomi went into Stormwind, snuck into the prison where the troll prisoners were being held, and went down each and every cell, casting the vilest, darkest, and most horrid painful spells she knew, torturing all of the survivors till they begged her to kill them. She denied them a quick death, allowing them to suffer for hours before they finally died, their bodies contorted and twisted from the unspeakable horrors they had suffered in their last moments of life. Escaping unnoticed, Minomi was never caught for her crimes. She spent the rest of her teenage years living with Leute, who was like a mother to her.

Now 20, she continues to train herself and studies the arcane on a daily basis, she still harbors extreme resentment for trolls, though the damage and bitterness from the loss of her parents has faded. She laughs easily and is generally cheerful, especially when she's causing torment to some poor creature she has deemed deserving of it. Lately she and her voidwalker can be found around Lakeshire, burning gnolls and torturing orcs to pass the time.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

  • While not particularly interested in the general contention between the Horde and the Alliance, Minomi loathes trolls, blaming them for the loss of her parents.
  • A lover of the arcane, she was somewhat corrupted by it when she was taught it at a young age, she now thoroughly enjoys bringing pain and torment to her enemies and the occasional innocent alike.
  • After studying and training, Minomi seeks to one day seek vengeance on every troll she can find.


  • While friendly upon meeting someone, Minomi secretly dislikes all but her close friends and will not hesitate to harm or even kill those around her if it suits her goals.
  • Minomi is careful to note even minor details about a person or place upon meeting them or entering them though she doesn't mention it unless it becomes important.
  • Not betraying her careful perception of her surroundings, nothing seems to matter much to Minomi, be it investing in something or attacking a goal everything seems to be a "Ok whatever happens happens." Affair with her.


  • Minomi has been called cruel and heartless many many times. Just not very many times by people who are still alive.
  • It's been said that Minomi loves her mentor and her minions more than anyone else and is extremely vengeful towards anyone who attempts to hurt either.

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