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Age App. 18-19 in human years
Height 6'7"
Weight 158 lbs
Eye Color Dark blue
Hair Color White
Spouse None
Children None
Siblings None
Parents Mother: deceased, Father: deceased
All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.


Long, dark lashes surround her oddly colored dark blue eyes, giving them an exotic look. Her nose is narrow and small, and her lips are slightly full. Her shining white hair hangs straight, pulled back from her face save a few strands. A fine silver chain hangs around her neck with an oval shaped pendant hanging from the end. A black stone is set into the pendant with a silver draenic symbol for the word “shadow” carved into the center. Her dark coal colored skin is smooth and fairly small horns curve straight up from the sides of her head. When able to be seen, a large scar cuts down from her right collarbone to the middle of her chest. She’s fairly shorter than most females of her kin, with a toned and lithe body. A small battered looking dull metallic flute hangs tied around her waist with a dark blue ribbon, and if you’re lucky you might hear her play sweet melodic music from.


Miajysie appears to be aloof and cold. She tries not to get too close to others and always expects everyone to hate her at first glance. She is hard and cynical, often viewing the world darkly. She longs for companionship, but fears the outcome too much to open herself up to it. She often daydreams and has romantic ideas, but knows the harsh reality of the world.


Long before Miajysie was born, her ancestors were notorious for practicing shadow magic and conversing with demons. They were one of several eredar to eagerly listen to Sargeras’ lies. They pledged their loyalty to him, but he sent them instead with Velen and the self proclaimed Draenei on the ship from Argus, claiming to have changed from their former dark ways. Upon arriving on Draenor, Velen cast out her ancestors, having seen their betrayal in a vision. A curse was put upon the family, condemning them to become a part of the shadows they once used to their advantage and to be forever indentured to Velen’s service. The curse would be carried on generation after generation until it finally reached Miajysie.

Miajysie was born into a world that immediately despised her. She was not born long after the destruction of Draenor in Telredor. In order to keep the curse from dying out, Velen ordered each generation to be forced to reproduce. A mate was chosen, or in the base case volunteered, to continue the line. Miajysie’s mother had initially volunteered, having feelings for the handsome cursed male. But upon giving birth, she rejected the child, realizing what the curse meant after listening to long hours of her mates stories of life and when finally left alone, killed herself. Miajysie’s father, though grieving for the loss of his one and only love, tried to raise his daughter as best he could. However, his bitterness rubbed off on the small child so she became hard and cynical. He would often play a sad lilting melody on a small flute that he eventually taught his daughter.

When Miajysie reached her late teens, (the human equivalent), a rumor reached Telredor of a Naaru vessel on Draenor. Velen ordered a group of Draenei to come with him to investigate if the rumor was true or not, with many others following along. Miajysie and her father were forced to come along of course. Velen would not let them leave his side. Upon arriving at the vessel, the group found it to be overrun with Blood Elves. Forcing their way in, they managed to wrestle control of one of the wings and escape.

As the Exodar crashed on the world of Azeroth, Miajysie was struck by a crystal shard and cut deeply across her chest. She was put in stasis lock for several months, not because she was that badly injured, but because Velen did not want her released for awhile. When she was finally allowed to awake, Miajysie discovered her father had died in the crash. She inherited the pendant her father had always worn as a marker for the curse and his now battered flute.

Miajysie served Velen for several more months before he decided to send her out into the world of Azeroth. Having received so much positive information of the world, he hoped her time there would soften the girl and perhaps begin to bring amends for the past betrayal. Miajysie tentatively began her journey with traveling to the Night Elf lands of Teldrassil. Finding peace and a sense of belonging in their lands, she struck out once more, determined to end the curse once and for all.

Goals and MotivesEdit

Miajysie’s long time goal is to attempt to break the curse on her family. Though she does not hold to that hope strongly, she retains a faint glimmer of it. She is interested in the world of Azeroth and regrets that she was held back so long that now she will be doing nothing but exploring what has already been seen. She wishes to strengthen her relations with the Night Elves and has her eye on learning how to ride the noble nightsabers.




  • Miajysie cannot use holy magic.
  • Though she can play one song on her flute beautifully, she does not know any others.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

Not much is known about Miajysie at this point. No public records or rumors can be found. Draenei might remember her to be an attendant of Velen, or have seen her around Telredor or the Exodar, or they might recognize the symbol on her pendant for what it means.