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Margot is a lean, bald man. Whilst his body shows the wear of being reborn, his skin remains as pale in death as it was in life and unblemished. Fragrant Graveblooms are woven betwixt the bones of his forearms and a brightly coloured handkerchief is stuffed into his shirt pocket. His eyes are the pale milky orbs of one blind and he usually keeps them covered with a handmade leather harnass. When he walks it is the hunched gait of the Forsaken but he moves slowly and carefully unless he is accompanied by one of his Demonic pets.


Little is known of him. Like many others he was awakened in Deathknell when the Dark Lady called, but he has yet to learn the how and the why of this.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

Were you to spend a few coppers and buy him a drink you'll find Margot rather happy to chatter on about this. He is a wandered who travels Azeroth collecting the tales of here and there. He is as likely to collect yours as he is to share his own.

Public Knowledge & RumorsEdit

Margot is known through a few taverns across Azeroth as he enjoys travelling. Most recently he has been seen around Booty Bay, cursing the Goblins for their mercantile approach to life but enjoying the riches offered in return for doing them some small services. He is always happy to share a tall tale or two with an Innkeeper and is equally happy to sing a song or regale his audience with a tale from atop a table whilst swigging heartily from a mug of frothy ale.

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