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Malvienne Arandhel Velrynde is a low-level fire mage on the realm of Moon Guard.


Malvienne is 5'6" and weighs approximately 125 pounds. She is 63 years old (human equivalent of lower twenties). Her snow-white hair falls to the middle of her back. She is a bit far-sighted and is usually wearing goggles of her own craftsmanship. Her vivid, emerald-green eyes are made to appear even larger behind their lenses.

Malvienne is an avid engineer,and while she does generally take great care with her appearance, she can usually be found with streaks of soot all over her person. She smells of cherry blossom perfume and spent gunpowder.


Malvienne is generally a very nice person. She gets extremely excitable and will blab on forever to others about her engineering experiments. She is also highly inquisitive and will ask many questions about how others' items work. She has been babied and watched over by her older brothers and can be very naive.


Malvienne was born to Jeralde and Malvisse Velrynde and is the younger sister of twin brothers, Kelynius and Adornius. Once a family of great wealth, the Velrynde's fortune quickly evaporated when they were forced to evacuate their homeland because of the Scourge invasion. While in exile, Jeralde and Malvisse succumbed to a consumptive illness that the younger Velrynde children did not catch because of their youth and stronger constitutions.

Once they found that it was safe to return home, they did so: Kelynius to his own personal quarters in Silvermoon due to a fraternal argument, Adornius and Malvienne to their parents' crumbling estate in Eversong.

Although she is living a life much different than what she did prior to the invasion, Malvienne is relatively happy. She is under the tutelage of a mage in Silvermoon and spends her days happily tinkering with explosives and machinery and reading.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Malvienne has heard that there are engineers in the Outlands that are able to build their own flying machines. To be able to build one of these machines and be able to fly over lands she had never dreamed of seeing before with the wind in her hair is her greatest dream.


Malvienne is extremely allergic to most anything that has fur. Since she was a little girl she has always daydreamed about having a pet of her own. Now that she is able to build her own mechanical pets, she is followed everywhere by a squirrel she calls Charlie.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

Is there something more to those goggles of hers than meets the eye? Why exactly does she stare at orc men so hard with a gleeful smile when she's wearing them?

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