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Character Stats Edit

Name: Malkai Tielhart Silverblade

Title: The Winterborn

Age: Early sixties

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: Very pale

Height: 6'4

Marital Status: Involved with and devoted to Ashrinn Pinecroft, but they're aren't officially married.

Mother: Esmerelda

Father: Rolf Tielhart

Siblings: None

Appearance Edit

When Malkai was alive he was a shaggy blond with placid features and a broad frame. His lightning-colored eyes made him striking, but his easy charisma and effortless good nature were what made him truly attractive. He was quite physically fit and naturally gifted with a blade, often moving with unexpected grace and precision. While his easy going façade made him appear at times ineffective or passive, those who knew how to look saw a truly frightening intelligence and keen tactical sense in his gaze.

In death Malkai is still at the height of physical prowess. His hair is now stark white, as is his skin. The flesh around his nails, lips, and eyes is dark blue-black, a combination of frostbite and oxygen deprivation. He is otherwise quite well preserved, given him an eerie life-like quality. He possesses a sensuality that is both sinister and compelling.

His eye color is now the burning blue common to Death Knights, making his once cheerful face all the more inscrutable. His movements, though still graceful, now convey an efficient lethality that wasn’t present before.

Malkai is given to dressing in soft leathers and fine cloths, though the cut and color of the clothing itself tends to be rather understated. He wears a communicator in his ear. It is clearly of Draenic origin.

Personality Edit

In public, Malkai is an oft-impassive figure. While he is generally pleasant he reveals very little, if anything, about himself or his emotions. To those he trusts, however, he presents an entirely different face. In private he is a man who struggles with deep turmoil and intense emotion, and is able to reveal a side of himself that is still inarguably human. This is most true when he is around Ashrinn, with whom he is quite earnest and passionate. He is especially affectionate around Ashrinn in public as well however, much to the stomach-turning dismay of some of his acquaintances. For a fearsome Death Knight Malkai has a remarkably wry sense of humor which sometimes slips over into bad pun territory.

Background Edit

Goals and Motivations Edit


Idiosyncrasies Edit

Public Knowledge and Rumors Edit

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