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At a GlanceEdit

Name: Majet Eternium
Titles: Ironclad, Hero of the Battle o Alterac Vally
Age: 32 Years
Hieght: 5'11
Wieght: 211 lbs
Occupation: Soldier for Hire, Moonlights as a Stormwind Guard when buisness is slow.
Known Family:

  • Father, Andrew Eternium (Soldier, Deceased)
  • Mother, Jessica Eternium (Archeologist, Missing concidered Deceased)
  • Uncle, Jathen Enternium (Traveling Salesman, Deceased)
  • Brother, Makall Eternium (Paladin, Missing concidered Deceased)
  • Wife, Christina Enterium (Deseaced)


Majet Eternium is a rather intimidating person to see on the streets. He is rarely seen without his armor, and always carries, at very least, his trusty blades. His armor is always polished and glinting in the sun, his blades always sharp and ready for the legion to fall from the sky at any moment. His helm tightly hugs his face when it is on, which is most times, as Majet has an old saying that he likes to throw around. "A helm should only be removed in the presence of your Lord, your Lady, and your Liqior.

Below this shell of steel, Majet has a very muscular build, nearly 14 years in service to the armies of Lordaeron, and more recently, Stormwind. His hair is a dirty blonde, and falls just short of his broad shoulders. His skin is slightly tanned, and is litterally a canvas of scars, each one with a story behind it, which Majet is usually willing to tell should one ask him about it. Majet has soft blue eyes, and though he is known throughout the alliance for his deeds on the field of battle, he has an almost gentle smile.


Majet was born in the town of Grand Hamlet, six years before the first war, to the young and strict Stormwind Guard Captain Andrew Eternium, and kind and loving mother Jessica Eternium. They quite peacfuly, not a terribly decadant lifestyle but they were content. Majet's father first trained him to use a sword the moment he could hold a wooden one, expecting his son to follow him into the guard. Majet's skill grew quickly, as his father's disciplinary teachings often lasted days on end. He quickly mastered the art of the blade, at age six, he was given his first real sword. Majet's strong combat teachings, mixed with the wisdom of his kind mother, lead him to become the man he is today.

When Majet was six, not long after recieving his first blade, the town of Grand Hamlet was sacked by the Horde. The maurading orcs struck fast, Majet's father took up arms and was slain, his mother was never heard from again, some say she was taken by the Orcs. Majet escaped with his uncle, who brought him north to Arathi, and then later, to the Town of Southshore. There he lived out the intern between the first and second wars. Here he continued his training, and met one of his uncle's clients, who would soon become a very large part of his life, a Dwarven Mountaineer named Dorgan Ironboot.

Majet in the Second WarEdit

When news floated north of the Orc's return, and that they had taken all of Khaz Modan, Majet knew this was when he would make ammends for what he couldn't do in Grand Hamlet. He enlisted with the Lordaeron Military, and took of the sword. He was assigned to a footman regiment, and helped to replel the Horde's raiding parties in Hillsbrad and Arathi. His forces routed many incoming attacks, but Majet had yet to see a true battle. That was when Majet's forces were intercepted by an army from Stromgarde, they had orders to absorb any minor forces they come in contact with, and lay siege to the horde outpost at Dun Modr.

This was Majet's first true battle. He and his companions from the Lordaeron Regiment took front lines in taking the initial battle, and in the resultant counter attack, causing many deaths. Majet's Regiment was all but wiped out in the counter offensive mounted by the horde. Majet, and four other soldiers survived the initial charge, and because of this, they were granted the nicknames "The Ironclad". Because they would have needed iron skin to survive that assault.

It is also then, Majet came in contact with a few of the prisoners the horde was keeping in Dun Modr, amoung them, Dorgan Ironboot, who had been captured when his war party had been wiped out. To thank Majet for his efforts, Dorgan not only fought alongside the force delving into Khaz Modan, but agreed to train Majet to be a true warrior.

Majet, Ironboot, and the remaining Ironclad fought south to the gates of Grim Batol, many bloody battles were had. Majet fought with no shortage of skill and bravery as he moved south with the others of the Stromgarde Army heading south to Blackrock Spire. He lived up to his title as the Ironclad, by often taking risky, front line positions on the battlefield.

After a long bloody trail south, the Stromgarde Army met up with the remaining Lordaeron army, for one last grand assault on Blackrock Spire. To which, Majet took the frontline, charging alongside Lothar himself, into the maw of the Orcs. He stood fast, fighting alongside Lothar against the Orc's vicious charge. Majet was badly wounded in the battle, and forced to fall back to avoid being killed. He awoke in a medical tent miles away from the aftermath of the Battle, this was the end of the second war for him.

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