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Maeda is an unusually short satyr, standing at a modest 6'3in. She is quite thin, though she is obviously well toned and not exactly what one would call "weak." Most of her lower body is covered in dark bluish-black fur, as are her forearmsl.She has a sort of mane of fur around her neck that covers her shoulder joints. Her ears do not resemble Draenei ears, but rather resemble those of a goat, with tufts of dark blue hair at the tips. Her hair is greyish black and the skin that isn't covered in fur is dark blue. Her eyes are midnight blue in color and have a spark of mischief within them. She has a long, thin tail that bears a few golden rings on it. A tuft of bluish black fur tips her tail. She has a pair of horns protruding from her head that appear rather menacing. Her hooves are well kempt, as well as her fur.

At her side is usually found a hyena of strange coloration. He vaguely resembles her own coloring, though his shades lean more into the purple hues. He is Caumric, Maeda's constant companion. Unlike most hyenas, Caumric does not 'laugh' incessantly. He does, however, seem to have a bit of humor as he will let out a cry that sounds like the typical laughter of a hyena when something amuses him. He is incredibly protective of Maeda, especially now when she is at her weakest.


Maeda doesn't remember much of her pre-Satyr past. The only thing she does remember clearly is being on Azuremyst Isle, and then Bloodmyst and one single glimpse of Axxarian.

What she doesn't remember is that she was captured by the Satyrs of Axxarian and was turned into a satyr. They had used their magic to sway her into accepting becoming a Satyr. Once that was done, most of her memories of her past were lost. She awoke in Axxarian a new person, so to speak.

She was quickly put to work with destroying practically anything that came into their camp. Be it Draenei, Blood elf, whatever it was. Eventually, however, she began to tire of this existence and began to question her leaders. She began to go off on her own and hunt, leaving her post for days at a time. Eventually the Satyr elders of Axxarian had had enough of her deliberate disobeying of orders and had her outcast from Satyr society, stripping her of her warlock-like powers and leaving her in her tainted form. Now she cannot return to any satyr clan and is essentially without a home.

Apparently she doesn't seem to mind it too much, and spends her time doing what she pleases, when she pleases, to whom she pleases. Maeda generally dislikes everyone just the same, horde or alliance. She has a particular hatred for her own kin, Draenei. They abandoned her when she needed them the most, as they would not take her in after she had been kicked out of Axxarian. For this she avoids other Draenei as much as she can.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Maeda is motivated only by her selfish whims. Her main focus is her hunger for power. As she was stripped of the power she had while in the Burning Legion, she is doing whatever she can to regain power equaling or surpassing that which she had while in the Burning Legion. She will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

Incidentally, she has a deeply instilled hatred for Alchemists, regardless of faction. Were she more powerful, she would see to it that every alchemist she came across had a slow and painful death. Her reasonings behind this hatred are known only to her.


Maeda's long, thin tail is a good way of seeing what she's feeling. It flicks much like a squirrels sometimes, others it swishes stiffly like an annoyed cat. She usually has a smirk on her face, and she often paws at the ground with her hooves while idling.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit


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