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Age 71 (Young adult, app. 21 in human years)
Height 5'4"
Weight 113 lbs
Eye Color Fiery green
Hair Color Black
Spouse None
Children None
Siblings Ophyria
Parents Mother: Deceased, Father: Deceased
Pets Tyzara the Dragonhawk
You live and learn. At any rate, you live.


Her fiery green eyes sparkle with innocence and addiction, the intensity of it marking her as a magistrix. Her long, dark lashes match her long shining, black straight hair, contrasting to her milky pale skin. Her small nose is slightly upturned, and her lips are pleasingly full. She is an average height for a female Sin'Dorei, and her body is shapely and lithe. Around her neck hangs a long, fine silver chain with an oval shaped dark blue pendant; set into the stone is a gold eight-pointed star.


Lyeria is a romantic idealist. She believes in people and takes their words to heart, often trusting those who wouldn’t normally be given a moment thought. She is kind, sweet, and gentle and generally has a warm personality. But she is very naïve and innocent, oftentimes leading her towards some very dangerous paths.


Lyeria’s lineage can be followed back to the days of Azshara and the sundering of the elves. Her family was of rather high ranking nobility of the Highborne. But through the High Elves’ exodus their rank fell steadily until their family name became nothing more than that of commoners.

Her mother was born during the time of the Amanni encroachment, and eventually dedicated her life to the priesthood. She met Lyeria’s father on the battlefield, who was a soldier. They had Lyeria’s older sister, Ophyria at a relatively young age, which was a bit before the first war. Three years later Lyeria was born, but almost immediately the two sisters did not get along.

Lyeria grew up being fascinated with magic. Since her sister was following in the footsteps of their mother, Lyeria was free to choose what to do with her life. She would often be found in a corner of a library reading piles upon piles of dusty old tomes about magic. When she was old enough, her parents sent her to study at a school to learn how to control and wield magic as a magistrix.

When Arthas attacked Silvermoon, Lyeria managed to escape and hide with her fellow students. Her father was with the other soldiers, defending their people and their city. After the attack was over, Lyeria, Ophyria, and her mother discovered that he had died protecting them.

After the sunwell was destroyed, Lyeria grew a desperate need for the magic it had infused her with, especially since she had just recently began deeply tapping into its power. She was barely able to cry when her mother was among the first to die, being so weak herself. She can barely remember that time, but knew her sister was there by her side helping in any way she could. She grew a fond attachment to Ophyria and began depending on her. She listened to everything her sister said, gaining hope when Ophyria told her about the Prince’s promise to being salvation to their people. She obediently listened to her sister when she told her how to tap creatures for the magic to sustain them.

When she finally regained her strength, Ophyria left her with her teachers to go off in the world. She promised Lyeria to one day return and fix their broken family. Lyeria watched her walk off, trusting completely in her sister that she would keep her promise. She returned once more to her studies, putting more effort into them than she had before. She often received letters from Ophyria and sometimes packages, and once even a blue dragonhawk whom she named Tyzara. Lyeria tried to write back but never got an answer to any of her questions from Ophyria's letters. But once the letter ceased to come, Lyeria became worried about her sister, fearing the worst. She left her studies, only being half finished with all she had yet to learn and set off to find any word of Ophyria.

Goals and MotivesEdit

Lyeria’s ultimate goal is to find her sister, dead or alive. But hopefully alive. She hopes to learn more about magic and find more control over hers, not having very much at the moment. She wants to see Azeroth and find the places described by her sister in her letters and uses the maps drawn out by her.


Before the destruction of the sunwell, Lyeria and Ophyria never got along very well. Lyeria was always picked on and so tried to keep her distance from her sister. But once the sunwell was destroyed, Lyeria came to depend solely on her sister who did her very best to care for Lyeria. She came to admire and trust her sister, forming a deep bond in her heart with Ophyria. When her sister left, Lyeria trusted her promise to return and was always excited to get a letter describing her journey. Lyeria can’t stand to think her sister might be dead, and intends to find Ophyria.


  • Lyeria does not have full control over her magic yet.
  • Lyeria loves to find new robes and dresses to wear, oftentimes spending much more than they’re actually worth.
  • Lyeria will help anyone in need, even any Alliance race.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

No records can be found due to the recent destruction of the city. Her relation to Ophyria can be considered public knowledge, as she is not shy to voice it.

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