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Age 66ish (App. 22ish in human years)
Height 6’8”
Weight 162 lbs
Eye Color Bright blue
Hair Color White blonde
Spouse None
Children None
Siblings Unknown
Parents Unknown
Pets Zirue the Netherwhelp
We can only be who we are; no more, no less.


Her bright blue eyes reflect a soft kindness while a smile will often grace her slightly full lips. She keeps her long nearly white blond hair pulled back from her face with a jewelled headband that rests against her two large horns. Her skin is so pale blue that you can only tell it's a tint of blue when seen in contrast to white fabric. She's a little short for a draenei female, and her body is slender with not much muscle. Tied around her waist is a small piccolo that will randomly start playing itself. All those around her find an irresistible urge to dance when it does.


Liza is kind and caring to all she meets, giving everyone an equal chance to prove themselves to be trustworthy and respected. She never speaks a harsh word without due cause and observes those around her constantly. She always tries to help when people are in need, sometimes even putting herself in danger in the process. Though some would call that recklessness, she just says it’s her duty. She has a good sense of humor and is rarely serious, preferring to joke about a problem than face it head on. She’s fairly even tempered, except when those she cares about are hurt or in danger.


Liza can hardly recall her childhood. She was sent at a young age to study at a small temple of the Aldor. She holds no resentment towards the parents she barely remembers that sent her to live among the Aldor, her life has not been a bad one.

As she grew older and got farther along in her studies, she was eventually given a choice. Whether she wished to leave the temple and live her own life, or continue to someday ascend to priesthood and live her life for others. She took a few days to meditate on the decision, and on the third day she felt a calming presence enter her mind. She could sense it speaking to her, compelling her to stay at the temple. Liza followed the calling and started her long trial as an acolyte.

Though her life was quite sheltered in the temple, she still witnessed many of the horrors of her people even though it was never first hand. She eventually left the temple and traveled to Shattrath City to complete her studies in Aldor Rise, about the same time as many of her people escaped on the Exodar.

Many months passed without a clear contact from those who had escaped when travelers began showing up in and around Shattrath. When powerful magi were creating portals to connect Shattrath to Azeroth’s cities, Liza reached the point when she was ready for her trial of priesthood. The head priestess of the Aldor, Priestess Ishanah, decided to try something different. Instead of going through with her trial on Draenor, she would journey to Azeroth and start her trial there. As tradition stated, she was appointed a guardian from a warrior clan that had devoted themselves to the Aldor. Andorian was the one chosen, an especially duty bound individual. They departed for Azeroth, stepping through a mage portal to The Exodar, ready to being their journey.

They journeyed for several months on Azeroth, growing to trust each other completely. They became very close friends, but as time went on they began to fall for each other. Eventually they confessed their feelings to each other, and remained blissfully in love for a time.

Liza was called back to the temple of the Aldor for a while and reminded she was not allowed to have relations with her guardian. She refused and grew angry that the ones who preached love would go against their own beliefs until they explained their reasoning. Guardians rarely lived on a priest’s trial and due to experiences from the past; they would not allow anything but respect between the two. Liza continued to refuse to end things, so they gave her a choice. Become the priestess she had been training her life to become, or stay with Andorian and never be allowed to advance.

She returned to Andorian with a heavy heart and explained all. He would not allow her to throw her life away for him, even though she was ready to. They parted ways, not seeing each other for a long time. Liza spent many months traveling Azeroth and helping at local healers, but rarely ventured willingly into human contact. After many long weeks of meditation, she finally felt ready enough to return to her path.

She threw herself even more into her duties than ever before, determined to complete the path chosen for her. There was never a person in need she would turn away, no matter the cost to her own life. It was around this time she met Auralenne and was inspired by his words of creating a world of serenity.


Liza and Auralenne speak of the future and peace.

They created a guild together dedicated to bringing peace to the world and were successful for a while. During this time Liza and Aura grew close and eventually fell in love. Their happiness didn’t last long however.

After a disagreement among the members of the guild, several left and the guild was scattered. Liza discovered Aura’s true nature at this point, something he had tried very hard to cover up. She left him and the guild, going off on her own path. Aura ended up disbanding the guild and left on his own path.

Liza journeyed alone for a few months on Draenor, steadily gaining experience and progressing in her studies. After several weeks of training and problem solving in Draenor, Liza was finally granted full priesthood with the Aldor. For all of her sacrifices and hardships, she was granted the honorable title of High Priestess. (Under Priestess Ishanah of course.)

Liza began traversing into more dangerous encounters, joining a group for awhile to enter Karazhan and purge the Legion’s presence and even fought the ancient evils in the Molten Core. Some thought her new title gave her overconfidence and began slowly whittling down her sense of self worth. After spending months under their constant belittling, Liza finally left. She slowly began regaining her self-confidence as she watched Shattrath change.

The joining of the Scryers and the Aldor to the Shattered Sun Offensive brought renewed hope to Liza. She watched in quiet joy as the two factions finally decided to do something about the threat of the Legion. She traversed to the isle of Quel’Danas only to find she was far too inexperienced to combat the Legion head-on. She withdrew from Quel’Danas and began looking for a way to gain the experience necessary to aid her people in their greatest battle.

Goals and MotivesEdit

Liza has finally reached her goal of obtaining full priesthood with the Aldor and even gained the honorable rank of High Priestess. (Under Ishanah of course.) She now looks to solve the problems in the world and finding her dream of happiness and peace. Liza wishes to become stronger and experienced enough to be a worthwhile aid in the fight against the Legion in Quel’Danas.



Andorian was Liza's guardian, appointed by the Aldor to protect her during her pilgrimage in Azeroth. Andorian was an especially duty bound individual and took great pride in his task. He was kind but at the same time cold as steel, and would suffer no harm coming to himself or his charge. He fell in love with Liza in the early stage of their journey, and Liza slowly came to love and lean on him for support. They spent several weeks blissfully happy in their love and were heartbroken at the Aldor's proclamation. Their parting was bitter, though they attempted friendship for awhile. In the end the feelings between them drove them apart to the point they couldn't see each other anymore without an air of sadness between them.

Andorian and Liza sharing a peaceful moment on the canals.

Aura and Liza met by chance one night in Stormwind. He spoke to her of a vision of peace and tranquility he had for the world and Liza was instantly inspired to help him. She came to find it easy to trust him, his kind words and gentle demeanor were compelling and she was easily drawn to him. She spoke with him as often as she found time to and drove herself to further her studies in an attempt to grow closer to him. After one night of finding him injured at the Cathedral were she often helped out and healing him, she finally confessed her feelings. To her joy he returned her love and they were happy together for a time. But at the destruction of the guild of peace and tranquility they had worked so hard to create, she learned his true nature he had tried hard to hide. His gentle demeanor and kind words were nothing more than careful lies, so she left him warning him she never wanted to see him again. Finally true to his word, he left promising never to return to hurt her or anyone else again.

Fyona and Liza met while they both were in the Salvation of Serenity. They became fast friends and often helped each other when they could. Liza admired Fyona’s strength and prowess in combat, and tried to stay by her side when the Salvation of Serenity was disbanded. She joined with several guilds in order to remain by her friend’s side, but ended leaving the last one because of their less than friendly nature. She wishes her friend the best of luck with all her endeavors and would at a moment’s notice come to her aid.

Yuraell and Liza met when he was just starting out his training as a warrior. He joined the Salvation of Serenity at its creation and remained until it fell apart. He quickly went through his training, eventually surpassing her own. She admires his strength and constant kindness, hoping to one day be as strong as he. She looks at Yura as a dear friend whom she would do anything for.


  • Even though Draenei don’t have last names, Liza chose one for herself when she came to Azeroth in an attempt to blend in.
  • Although she follows the Alliance, she wouldn’t hesitate to assist a member of the Horde in need.
  • Liza is infatuated with Night Elf ruins and culture. She often spends her time seeking out new ruins to explore or meditating in the Temple of the Moon.
  • Liza uses many Azerothian mannerisms such as referring to herself as a priestess instead of anchorite.

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