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Kromak is a Shaman Edit

Kormak is a battle-shaman, to be precise.


Height: 7'11" Weight: 389 Lbs. Age: ~59 (Middle age being 75) Eye Color: Red

The tauren stands to be roughly the medium height of his race. The color of his fur mimics that of a raven, dark black with a slight tinge of blue, thus appearing similar to the midnight sky. He seems averagely muscled for a tauren, with a slide hint of being chubby; slightly visible love handles along with a small belly.

His snout seems slightly wrinkled, possibly from long times of stress, this often hidden by a bronze nose ring, along with a horizontal scar. His eyes are that of ruby, being of the most slightest crimson.

Down his left arm is a large scar, looking as if it came from a large axe, perhaps a sword; the hand of that arm bearing many cuts. If ever seen, the palms of his hand are almost furless, replaced with cuts, burns and other minor injuries.

The Barrens1

His home at one point

Early YearsEdit

In the early years of Kromak's life, he traveled along with his tribe, the Rivemane. Though the tribe has all but settled in Mulgore, his small family traveled around as nomads. They dwelled in the vast lands of the Barrens from summer to the end of fall; moving back up to Mulgore when Winter arrived.

On the thirtieth summer, Kromak wanted a more... Anchored home. So he took to the bluff, where he began to learn the mighty solitude of his choice. For years Kormak kept to himself, in a small hut on the highest rise of Thunder Bluff.

Early AdulthoodEdit

Before moving into the Bluff, Kromak had only visited a few times, many people thought he was just tauren of
Tigor Skychaser

Tigor Skychaser

the Grimtotem tribe at first. This gave him an awkward first few years, to where he was almost killed; young tauren burning down his hut after late dusk. He had started to lose hope, thinking it was the wrong choice to move to Thunderbluff; that is, before he met Tigor Skychaser.

Upon Kromak's thirty-seventh fall, he came upon a seer by the name of Tigor Skychaser. He is an older tauren of the Skychaser tribe, known for their great shamanism. During the time, Kromak had no home, he was living in makeshift tent. Tigor offered the young tauren a home for the time being, at least till the man raised enough earnings to build a new hut, or home.

Years passed and Kromak watched Tigor teach younger seers the way of the shaman; curiosity growing ever more in the Rivermane's mind. Reaching the fourty-second summer, Kromak finally decided to take out and move under the bluff, and in one head on attempt, ask the elderly seer to teach him his great wisdom. Tigor agreed happily.


Year passed and training commenced. Gradually, Kromak became closer to the spirits, feeling their power, and becoming more powerful. It was the Fifty-sixth fall when it began.

It came across the wind in a matter of days; the Rivermane settlement in southern Barrens was attacked by swarms of strangely shaped slithids, similar to all the ones that have been appearing in Tanaris and Ungoro in recently*. Other then Tigor, the family he left so many years ago was all he had; Kromak left the training of his mentor in hopes of being able to save the family he had; sadly they had all perished.
Azeroth-Hall of Legends

One of the many maps Kromak carries.

Months later, Kromak went back to Tigor, in hopes of continuing his training. Tigor denied, already showing the tauren all he needed to know and that the rest was for him to seek out. A year passed and Kromak joined the horde forces to fight against the alliance, he began to use methods of his shamanistic powers in close to close combat; thus slowly earning him the title "Battle-Shaman".

At the time of his Fifty-nineth summer, Kromak decided to go out and help people across Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. In hopes to be of assistance while most of the horde's forces fight up in Northrend against the Lich King's forces.


  • Though Kromak's fur is black, he has no heritage of being a Grimtotem.

(More Trivia to come later...?)

OOC Tid-bitsEdit

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