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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Korilus Horde 15 Moon Guard US IconSmall Blood Elf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Warlock 65 Final Lament Advisor
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Full name: Lord Korilus Tyr’anon (teer-anon)
Title: Magister of Silvermoon, Advisor to the Final Lament
Race: Sin’dorei
Age: 175 years (or whatever rounds out to about 30 in human maturity)
Position in society: Nobleman
Occupation: Barrister
Face/Heel: Depends on who you ask. Some like him, some hate him, not many in between.
Physical Description (abridged):
Korilus is about 5’9”, 175 lbs. He is lean and toned, with long blond hair draping around his shoulders and one bit braided up. He is very well groomed, with few scars anywhere on his body. He often dons the traveler’s clothes, but within a city he prefers the comforts of his magister robes or trousers and a clean shirt.

Personality: He often tries to be cold and professional when it comes to business, usually coming across as smug, conceited, and cocky. With some individuals (very few), he shows a softer side, concerned with their feelings, thoughts, and ideas. If someone threatens him, his family, or his prospects, he often taunts the provoker. His newly married life seems to be already changing his perspective, though, and he strives to keep his temper in check. He has somewhat lost his taste for war after feeling the effects of his cousin Wispy's death.

Marital Status: Married to Kavya Ana Sungazer, with one child- Karash.
Sexual Preference: Straight
Blood line: Noble blood traced back to the founding of Silvermoon.


Family Background

Korilus is the youngest of four children. His two brothers were killed in the Second War, and his sister lost and presumed dead after the Scourge attack on Silvermoon. His mother and father currently reside in Silvermoon proper, where by connections at court, their family home was restored. His father, Kelreth Tyr'anon, is a barrister of the courts and one of many advisors to the ruling council of Silvermoon. His mother, Kallyndra Tyr'anon, is a socialite and very rarely practices her arcane talents.

Early Education

Korilus's bloodline stems from the original founding of Silvermoon. His grandfather was on the High Council several hundred years ago, which gained his family some prestige. Because of his political connections, Korilus was sent to school to study Quel'dorei Law. In his spare time he also began training in the use of arcane magics. Through his own misguided studies, he discovered the power of the shadow. Upon his graduation from the Academy of Law, he confided his secret studies to his father. Displeased with his son's path, he responded that Korilus give up his studies in the Shadow Arts or consider himself disowned. Headstrong and defiant, Korilus left his parents' home in search of his own destiny.

Banished from Silvermoon and his family, Korilus wandered to Sunstrider Isle, looking for guidance in his amateur skills. Immediately after gaining elementary skills as a warlock, he met Lady Sara Katinka Sungazer. Unable to pay for further training, he accepted a few gold in exchange for his signature to support her husband's lavish claims as heir of the Sunstriders. Continuing his education and honing his skills, it became apparent that he must leave Quel'Thalas. Korilus feared any attention brought to him would earn the wrath of his father, leading to his arrest or further complications.

Exile from Quel'Thalas and Engagement

With the help of Lady Sara, Korilus was able to find passage to the Undercity and continued his training in the Shadow Arts. Imposing a self-exile, he refused to set foot in Silvermoon until his father conceded. During his exile, Lady Sara Sungazer was pleased with Korilus's progress and promoted him to the position of an Advisor. She also proposed the alliance between her sister Kavya and himself, entitling him to head of the Sungazer family. Pleased with the arrangement, Korilus agreed and sent word to his parents of his engagement. Pleased with his son's interests, Kelreth lifted Korilus's banishment and welcomed the prospect of his marriage and possibility of grandchildren and heirs to the Tyr'anon family.

Wedded and Establishment

On the evening of the twentieth day of Summer, Priestess Seune wedded Korilus and Kavya Sungazer by the reflecting pool near the Shepherd's Gate. As per the arrangement of the marriage alliance, Korilus was promoted to Advisor of the Lament. Also, since Kavya is the eldest of the Sungazers, and that the remaining Sungazers are all female, Korilus was granted custody and protection of the Sungazer family. In exchange for his responsibilities, his family was to back the claims of Sara's husband. The Tyr'anons were hesitant, and never formally proclaimed their loyalty and devotion to the mysterious heir.
Korilus's first task was to re-establish the honorable name of the Sungazers by dismissing the case brought against the elder Sungazer, Kavya's and Sara's father. He had been an advisor and loyalist devoted to the Prince Kael'thas, and was found guilty of treason under the newly established Silvermoon Council immediately following Kael'thas's betrayal. Acting as a new associate of his father's court practice, Korilus was able to re-open the charges brought against the Sungazers and prove their innocence. By this time the Council had pardoned many for following the Mad Prince, his insanity obviously corrupting their own thoughts. Within a week the trial had concluded, finding the Sungazers innocent, though deeply sad at the earlier loss of the elder. The trial impacted Korilus's career for the better. With a prominent case won on his first appearance, many of those seeking justice from the past tyrannies of the former Council sought him for help.

The Ascension

Several weeks later, Lady Sara's husband returned from Northrend. Korilus began preparations for the Sunstrider's return as the head of the House, but was somewhat confused in the ensuing circumstances. It seemed that Sara's husband did not immediately lay claims to the guild, nor to his own apparent lineage. Within several days of his return, the supposed heir renounced his claims and dismissed the Lament's intentions. With him he took his strongest supporters, forming their own House for alternative reasons. The sudden withdrawal baffled and confused several of the House, Lady Sara taking the blow worse than all. Upon her confusion, she stepped down as the Guardian of the Lament, turning it over to her sister Kavya, and disappeared. Korilus remained second in command, though his official titles of head of the Sungazer household and soon-to-be head of the Tyr'anon household obviously granted him a powerful stage to play upon. Since that time, Kavya and Korilus have refocused the Final Lament to serve their own family interests, vying for power and prestige among Silvermoon's socialites and politicians, while offering protection to those who pledge their devotion and loyalty. During that time, a son was born to them, named Karash.


After a short time of peace, dealing mostly with tedious daily happenings and unruly initiates, a sordid affair between himself and his wife's sister promoted a time of unrest and war. Korilus ended the short affair after he found Sara and Isari together. Lady Sara had expressed her wishes to divorce her husband, and even requested papers drawn up for such action by Korilus's law firm. After seeing them together, Korilus knew she had resumed her relationship with her estranged husband. After breaking with her, Sara declared war on Korilus, inciting others of the guild to rise up against him and spreading slander. Within a few days, Korilus had convinced Sara against her initial reactions, but had let her go from the House.

Further turmoil came when Sara told her husband Isari of her deeds. Korilus caught wind of her actions and immediately begged forgiveness from his wife and friends. With Isari now waging war against Korilus and the Lament, Kavya hired the Dark Arts Mercenaries for protection and security. Sadly, they failed at their job as Isari lured Wispy into an emotional relationship and then issued a bounty for his wife. Wispy was then murdered by Isari's retainer Valianos. A funeral was held the day after, the procession beginning in Silvermoon at her place of death and ended at the crypt of the Brill cemetery. After the funeral, Korilus met with Isari to end the war between them. Isari asked for relatively few demands.

Within several days of the truce, Sara voiced her lack of confidence in Korilus's leadership capabilities, leaving the guild and asking others to do the same to fight against him. None others left and Korilus dismissed the war, refusing to fight against her. Afterwards, Sara proclaimed that two of the Mercenaries hired to protect the Lament had performed a type of ritual on her, killing the infant growing inside her. Isari was also said to be in attendance, proclaiming he would not kill her while she carried a child, but refused to carry out his sentence after the deed.

to be continued....



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