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This article is a player character biography page for Kompressor of Moon Guard US formally of Shadow council and previously of Emerald Dream

Kompressor's Music Video's [[1]] [[2]] [[3]] [[4]]

Basic Stats Level = 70 Kara = Keyed

Kompressor stories

A day typical in the life of Kompressor 5 am the Alarm-O-Bot starts to sound which wakes Zaphod the Senegal parrot he starts to sing

“ I wanna know … What you're thinking… There are some things you can't hide… wanna know.. What you're feeling… Tell me what's on you mind. Pure energy”

6 am: Kompressor wakes up, and yells at the bird to shut up.

6:30 am: kompressor gets out of bed mad at the bird and takes a shower

7 am: Komp makes a cup of coffee using the World Enlarger to make it a triple.

8 am: Komp is finished with the coffee and the morning paper (its open to the stock page)

8:15 am: Komp gets on his Harley-Birdson and rides to the Auction house.

8:30 am: Komp buys a lot of cheap useless Krap to sell in Gadgetzan

9 am: Komp uses the Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan

9:02 am: Komp is replaced with his evil twin from the evil twin universe

9:05am: evil Komp puts the cheap useless Krap on the AH at reasonable prices with no more then a 10% markup “after all we are fair”

9:20 am: evil Komp helps a old lady across the street

9:25 am: evil Komp pets a bunny and gives it a nice carrot

9:30 am: evil Komp takes the flight path back to Darnassus

10 am: evil Komp helps the night elves.

2:30 pm: evil Komp uses the hearthstone back to Ironforge

3 pm: evil Komp eats a vegetarian lunch.

4 pm: normal Komp replaces evil Komp

5 pm: back in Gadgetzan removes all items not sold yet and puts them on at 300% mark up

5:30 pm: finds the old lady and tricks her out of all her gold while wearing a Tauren Costume.

6pm: finds the bunny and feeds it to his Fel Hunter

6:20 pm: Sells forged mining rights to Venture co in Mt. Hyjal

7 pm: gets home and works on the supper secret weapon of mass destruction

8 pm: has a late dinner mostly “Beef” (Tauren burgers)

9 pm: goes to the club which he DJ’s over in Tinker town “Das Gnomer”

3 am: goes home and falls a sleep…..

Miss Haps and miss adventure (two years old written when moving from Emerald dream to shadow council)

It was a nice Friday night when Kompressor stepped out of his secret lab in the heart of Tinker Town.

“Well Kuptal,” Kompressor said to his imp, “If this works my Ultrasafe Transporter to Gadgetzan will no longer drop me from the sky.”

After putting on his rocket boots and parachute cloak, Kompressor clicked the big red button….

      • shinny lights *** vertigo *** the faces of laughing demons and gods *** color swirls ***

The crowd in the market of Gadgetzan where doing the normal buying and selling of stuff when a tear in reality happened and out popped an angry looking gnome, with green hair and a goggle monocle; in other words, it was just like every other afternoon. Or was it?

“Wow that was a bumpy ride” the gnome said as he looked up and saw a Tauren hunter standing over him asking if he was OK.

Upon seeing this Tauren the gnome summoned an Imp and to the horror of everyone around attacked the bull.

Soon after the goblins wrestled him to the ground and took him to a holding cell.

“umm he was attacking me so I had to defend my self?” Kompressor said to the paladin who came to see what had caused the disturbance.

“Why would he attack you?”

“Because he’s horde... and that’s what they do!”

“Not always, usually they’re nicer then that.”

“What? You’re a paladin and an officer in the war, you understand.”

“War? You mean the skirmishes?”

“Skirmishes? I’m talking about the world war!”

“Hey I know things are tense but war? The last battle of the war happened five years ago.”

“What? Last battle of the war with the horde happened five years ago?”

“No, the Burning Legion.”

“huhhh… right after that what about the war after that?”

“You mean the failed scourge invasion? I wouldn’t call that a ‘war’, it didn’t really go anywhere.”

“Failed scourge invasion? They where winning! And the blasted horde where winning as well!”

“Well look, umm, …. I’m sorry, I never did catch your name…”

“humm lets see… I have my papers around here somewhere…”

After a minute of fiddling around onhis person, the strange little gnome finally produces a well worn piece of laminated paper.

It reads…

Name: Kompressor Von Kraftwerk III Madman of GnomeTech Master of Gnomish Engineering, The Gnomeregan Technical Institute Master Demonologist of the Strahad Farsan school of Demonology

Race: Gnome

Guild:Gnomeregan Technical Institute (GnomeTech)

Gender: Male

Age: (decline to state)

Occupation: Engineer

Education: GTI Master of Gnomish Engineering

Hobbies: History, Geography, Demonology, Mining, fishing, enchanting, cooking and the music of machines and bombs.

About your self: I have a passion for machines and bombs. Also sometimes I like to make music with machines and bombs. It is a way to relieve stress, when I am out and about looking metals and minerals for making machines and bombs I use my studies in demonology to summon friends to talk to and to kill cows. Also when Gnomeregan fell I found that I really didn’t like most living things. They’re so dirty and smelly, machines are much cleaner, and well demons they smell like bombs sulfur and brimstone and all. I have tried to be nice to humans and elves; it is hard for me most times though. Elves smell like trees and well humans are nice but well I doubt they’re really anything more then smart monkeys. However I do like dwarfs, it seems that their ales do me well, and they are good with metals.

“…hummm what is this GnomeTech?” the human said after reading over the page a couple of times to make sure he read that right.

“WHAT! After all the bombs DeathRays and our leader almost killing Thrall” the gnome said.

“Never heard of that, why would you want to kill Thrall?”

This went back and forth for about another 45 minutes.

Finally Kompressor looked at his Ultrasafe Gadgetzan Transporter and realized it was burned out.

“umm ohhh eerrr” Kompressor started to stutter while the paladin was talking about honor and that battles had to be fought but only in the time and place...

“I think I know what happened” Kompressor stated.” I overloaded my transporter…and it seems I am now in a parallel universe”

Kompressor then used his Ironforge transport and headed home.

Fortunately for him his home was there and even his work shop but much of the equipment was new and many things where not there,

“Hi how can I help you sir?” a green haired gnome asked.

Looking closely Kompressor realized this was his alternative self from this universe.

“Well I guess you can help me.” Kompressor reached in to his pocket and took out his death ray.

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