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Kinu Z. Alleyne (formally known as Kinu Rageclaw) is a 70 Alliance Night Elf hunter who died and became Kinnu, a level 62 undead mage who's planning to become a Death Knight once WoTLK comes out. She's rather popular on the realm forums, but this is entirely due to her being annoying enough and loud enough to post in almost every single thread on the forums. She's also a sucker for RP events and holds them as much as she can. Whoo! (last updated 6/17/08)


Kinu Alleyne is dead. There is just no getting around it. However, death seems to have been in a good mood when she died, and largely spared her features; her facial structure is undeniably Night Elven along with her long ears. While she seems abnormally tall for a Forsaken- her chin is about level with the average Blood Elf's forehead, it makes her extremely short for a Night Elf- and just short enough to pass as a Forsaken High Elf.

Her hair is kept swept back practically out of her face. Her nose has been rendered slightly off center from a fight and she's also gotten several nasty cuts, one on her cheek which has stitches in it. She often gives a closed mouth smile to hide her Night Elven fangs. Her hawk-like eyes glow with the soulless yellow of all Forsaken instead of the warm druidic gold they possessed when she was alive. There is, what appears to be, a sheet of metal fixed to the side of her right thigh. If one were to look underneath they'd find a mess of gears and wires and other engineering parts.

Her build is every inch of a soldier's- shoulders slightly too broad to fit in the standard of beauty, a strong jaw, taunt, wiry muscles present in undeath, and a plethora of scars too numerous to count. Most are just jagged slashes or burns and such, but the largest one is the burn mark on her back, the same as many Nerubians have on theirs. She's also missing the middle finger on her left hand.

Interestingly enough, she does not smell decayed in the slightest, due to a simple magical spell.


She tends to be empathetic, keep her problems to herself, and hold her friends very close to the point of being brink-clingy. (However, she will, eventually, let them go if that's what they want.) She has a fairly high opinion of her skills to judge people, and she can trust her instincts to let her know when something is up. Kinu has a habit of judging people off the bat and will 'trust' a person instantly if she gets the right feeling from them. She is very rarely surprised. Kinu is a very forgiving person, willing to accept the flaws of others in the face of her own vices. She firmly believes in redemption, and 'just because a person does bad things, it doesn't make them a bad person'. She will often crack jokes in the face of danger, since it's either 'you make a joke and keep going, or your break down and piss yourself' but she will then become grim and serious when on her own.

She's not above acting erratically at times to put her enemies off guard. She can also be rude on occasion, and is not always aware of it, sometimes to her own embarrassment. She is able to rapidly switch between moods, from mania to anger to nonchalance and uses this as a form of reverse psychology on several occasions. It has been made clear that Kinu is, despite constant interaction with others, a lonely person deep down. Being an undead night elf in the Horde, she gets a constant subtle feeling of not belonging, and she has trouble believing that her friends actually consider her as one of their own.

She's bad at arguing with words and can usually be outwitted, instead preferring to speak with her actions. She's extremely free spirited to the brink of being prideful and cocky, and dislikes taking orders from anyone she thinks doesn't have the right to give her orders. She's got a knack for battle tactics and fighting. Having 'come out of her shell' a bit more, she tends to be more open and friendly then before, when she could actually be quite cold at times. Despite being a presumably nice person, she can an exhibit an angry, merciless and vengeful streak and be brutal when the situations requires, sometimes acting unmercifully and without hesitation.

Her religious beliefs are rather complex, as she believes in most deities out there (you don't doubt the power that's saved your skin more times then you can count, and she's been saved by most of them at one point or another.). She's a member of a Church of the Light and most of her friends believe in the Light, though it’s uncertain how faithful she is to it- she seems to hold stronger faith in people themselves, and she puts great stock in the fundamental goodness of people in general and their ability to do the right thing. She has close ties to the Bronze Dragonflight, being a friend of one named Kairos. She shares his belief that 'everything happens for a reason', perhaps more then any of her other beliefs.

Her greatest fear is ending up alone. Along with that, she has a distrust of water (being unable to swim in life, though in undeath it doesn't really matter anymore) and bizarrely enough an extreme dislike of pears. She has a distrust of warlocks, but has met enough decent ones to only be slightly wary of them. She hates the Scourge and the Burning Legion and her hatred of Goblins comes in as a close second.


Only a few snippets here and there are known about this former elf. All you'll get out of her about her death is something about 'getting unlucky, a pack of ghouls, an infected wound, and Borelgore'. The exact course of events is uncertain as she was alone at the time. She grew up in the land of Azshara. She is brother to Oben Rageclaw. Her mother was a priestess and her father a herder- they both died in the War of the Ancients, where Kinu and her also fought. Along with the War of the Ancients, Kinu also fought at Mount Hyjal, where she became a member of the Alliance. She served as a Sentinel for the Night Elves, an archer for the Alliance- and briefly- a gladiator for the goblins. She's also done some work as a Dead shot and a merchant and her last profession before she died was a Windrider. Kinu is extremely old- over sixteen thousand- and she's done a lot of things in her life. More then can be accurately recorded.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Kinu is motivated by a single, burning desire to see The Lich King's head on a pike. Along with that, she's a loyal follower of the Holy Light], and Elune to a certain degree. Ever since she started dating the Blood Elf named Andi, she's become more careful about keeping herself from bodily harm. She also wants to keep her friends alive, which can be a handful at times. She wants peace, but mostly so she can see her Alliance friends without worry.

Random FactsEdit

  • She seems to hate goblins with a passion. She has no prejudge against any other race save for the Demons and the Scourge.
  • She has a cat named Cyrus.
  • She's started to become more accustomed to Horde life- a fact which can be seen in her clothing and new hairstyle. She's stopped wearing the Kal'Dorei warpaint as well.
  • Kinu was unable to swim in life, though with Undeath there really isn't a bother for it anymore.
  • She often goes to Azshara when she's upset and usually comes back soaking wet.
  • Can often be seen in the company of Langley, Lila, and their assorted friends, along with her guildmaster, Ishbaneer. Has some acquaintances in Banepaw Fellowship. She can also be seen in the company of a sleezy blood elf rogue by the name of Andiro. They seem to have, interestingly enough, started dating.
  • She changed her last name from Rageclaw to Alleyne shortly before her death, but it is unknown why she did so. The 'Z' in her name stands for 'Zavagi', a name given to her by the orcs for her particular fearsomeness in battle when they arrived in Ashenvale. It means 'Savage' in orcish.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

  • There are rumors of Kinu slaughtering two fellow Sentinels and being exiled. She was apparently forgiven for actions at Hyjal. Nothing more is known about it, even among most Sentinels.
  • It's said she sneaks onto Teldrassil to visit with her brother.
  • She was rumored to have been captured by a goblin and forced to work as a Gladiator to keep a friend alive.
  • Held captive in Scholomance for an unknown amount of time.
  • She often sneaks into Alliance cities to visit with friends. She has a habit of coming back beat up.
  • When attacks between the Horde and the Alliance got extremely bad, she set up a peacewalk to try and calm tempers. (She may be only a hair away from being a blood thirsty berserker, but even she knows an all out war would be bad.) It's gotten her same fame- she's known as the Peacewalker by many people- although she doesn't really want it.
  • Giving up any ties to the Forgotten Shadow, a symbol of the Holy Light can be seen hanging around her neck.
  • She's training to become a doctor.

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