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Physical Appearance Edit

Kheapathic is a young Sindorei male that shows much wear and tear for his age. Still a rather young blood-elf at the age of 55, Kheapathic's face is rather weathered making him look older then he is. He has a pale complexion which almost matches his hair. His hair is pulled back into a small que with various strands falling around his head, some of which are braided and held together with various beads and clips. His face shows an almost vacant expression, but also a look of anger and distaste with his eyes glowing a faint turqouise. His body is well defined, but lacks any fullness to show any exceptional strength. When he does speak it's in a quiet sort of mumble. He prefers to wear loose fitting or very minimal clothing. Usually found with his face buried in a book while playing with his unkempt hair or biting his nails.

Personality Edit

Quiet and shy, malevolent and selfish or very outgoing and flirtatious Kheapathic is at times a contradiction. If he's not reading or stumbling around the countryside he can possibly be found romancing female priests and paladins of any race.

History Edit

Kheapathic was born to a mother that was a servant working in a nobles house. The result of a hidden love between the masters son and his servant, his parents were outcasted and he was born and lived in a small village outside of Dalaran. His parents were killed when Arthas attacked the city and was taken in by the Argent Dawn and has lived in the Plaguelands for the past few years.

Motivations Edit

  • Seems to be looking for something that can be found in ancient texts that should've been lost to time.

General Knowledge Edit

  • The Scryer's bank is his usual loitering location.
  • At times he keeps the company of a female human paladin.

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