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Kelsandra "Kelsie" Marie Sprocketeer is a level 40 Gnome Mage on the realm of Moon Guard.


Three feet and three inches of what might be pure energy, Kelsandra (or Kelsie) is your average gnome. Obviously thick, curly black hair is barely held in coiled braids, precariously clipped in place on both sides of her head with silver barettes. Her wide, green eyes are expressive, and her smile is the type that might be a little contagious - if caught by surprise.

For a gnome, she seems to carry just a little extra fluff on her body, giving her an even softer shape than others of her kin.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

Kelsie is a ping pong game between logic and natural curiosity. There are times when it almost seems her head (comparatively large to her body though it may be) doesn't have enough space for all she wants to put into it. She voraciously pursues knowledge and more often than not ends up in trouble for it. She has a fair amount of intellect, but sometimes her naivety makes her seem a little stupid regardless of the amount of time she spends drowning herself in books. She approaches people much like she approaches new theories or ideas - with insatiable interest - providing the people are interesting to begin with. This might explain her absolute delight in hearing of the wreckage discovered off of the coast of Kalimdor, and the succeeding thrill she experienced when she saw the Exodar for the first time. Despite this initial friendliness, she can be a little aloof when an idea in her head becomes more enticing than the world around her, leading her to seem a little cold or detached at times.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

Kelsie really, really wants an Elekk.

Really badly.

She is also working very hard to become strong enough to survive in the Outlands, as she sees them as a huge learning opportunity.


Not much is known as to the specifics of her past, as Kelsie rarely deems it necessary to go into them. However, it is generally assumed that she was among the refugees from Gnomeregan. She made her home in Ironforge, serving as an apprentice to one of the Master Engineers in Tinkertown - until the Exodar crashed into Azeroth.

At first ignoring the claims, Kelsandra eventually found it nearly impossible to ignore her curiosity, and soon found herself traveling to Azure Watch to befriend the newest allies of the Alliance. Since then, she has taken up her studies in Magic once again, finding a spark for life in studying and researching the Draenei and the otherworldly substances they brought to Azeroth.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

  • None at the moment.

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