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Name: Keldren Silverblade Aravel
Nicknames: Kel, Silver
Title: Blood Knight
Age: Approximately 21 in human years
Hair color: Platinum White
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Light Tan
Height: 6 foot 3 inches
Weight: 190 pounds
Spouse: None
Children: None
Siblings: None
Parents: Matheus Aravel-Father, Lhorynna Aravel-Mother
Pets: None


Standing slightly taller than the typical blood elf male at around 6’3”, Keldren has strong shoulders set upon a lean athletic build. His tone muscles are well defined but not overtly large giving him a good balance of speed and strength. His complexion is slightly tanned due to his enjoyment of being outdoors and is free from scars or blemishes which are normally associated with those who are involved in frontline combat. Keldren’s long platinum blond hair flows freely past his shoulders and often looks silvery which is where he got his nickname among his family and friends. His age would fall around 21 years in human terms but his features remain youthful and people often compare him with the new cadets entering the Blood Knight Academy who would be around 16 in human years.

Keldren’s armor and equipment are always in immaculate condition, a by-product of his rigid soldier training. When not in combat gear, he prefers simple shirts and pants allowing him to blend in a crowd very easily.


Cordial, modest and courteous can all be ways to describe Keldren in social settings. Growing up in a noble house, he’s a learned elf who understands all the proper etiquette that follows such a background. Never to impose his background or heritage upon others, he tries to treat everyone as equals.


House Aravel is an old noble house that can trace its lineage back to the founding days of Quel’Thalas. The Aravel family has always been known to produce excellent paladins of Light. Although an old house, the family never reached the upper echelons of nobility and wealth because they refused to involve themselves in the pettiness of quel’dorei politics. House Aravel served the Quel’dorei Nation and did not concern itself with the accumulation of power or glory. Still, the house garnered much respect from the other nobles due to their long history of service to Quel’Thalas.

When the Scourge devastated Quel’Thalas, almost eradicating the high elves, House Aravel suffered mightily. When the carnage was finally over, only seven members of House Aravel had survived: Matheus (head of House Aravel), Lhorynna (wife of Matheus), Rommir (younger brother of Matheus), Leira (wife of Rommir), Meira (daughter of Rommir and Leira), Linderon (son of Rommir and Leira) and Keldren (son of Matheus and Lhorynna).

When Kael’thas returned to find his homeland destroyed, he rallied the best elves to push back the Scourge. House Aravel was invited to this cause but Matheus offered to stay in order to help rebuild Silvermoon and to aid in maintaining a garrison around the battered city. And just like Kael’thas renamed the high elves as blood elves in honor of those who fell, Matheus renamed House Aravel as Silverblade, even though all legal documents and records still retain the Aravel name.

The capture of M’uru greatly offended the surviving members of House Aravel and they began to question the true motives of Kael’thas. As always having the ability to call upon the Light without manipulation of naaru, Matheus objected to Lady Liadrin and her Blood Knight ranks. But in order to prevent a schism in a city that was still recovering, he allowed House Aravel to continue to work with the Order, even allowing his son Keldren to join.

With the return of Kael’thas, the tension between the Blood Knights and House Aravel faded as Lady Liadrin pledged herself and the Order to the Shattered Sun Offensive. All but Keldren from House Aravel joined the Blood Knights in their crusade to battle Kael’thas and Kil’jaeden. Keldren only recently being promoted from Adept to a Knight, was required to stay until his skills were sufficient enough to join his family. Till then, he would be the sole representative of House Aravel in Azeroth.

Goals and motivationsEdit

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Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

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