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Kathrana is a somewhat well-known Dwarven priestess on Azeroth in the realm of Moon Guard. She is perhaps most known for her rarity amongst the races of the Alliance, or for her ventures into the Ruins of Lordaeron to pray for King Terenas Menethil II, as well as the rest of the denizens of Azeroth. She is about 120 years old, nearing middle age for a dwarf.


Kathrana is on the short end of Dwarven height, standing at 3 ft, 9 inches. Her skin is a bright, fleshy pink, a strong sign of certain Dwarven clans of her kind. Her body figure is rather round, but not because of excess weight. On the contrary, Kathrana is quite fit and possesses enviable curves. Kathrana usually stands rather straight with her head tilted down slightly, indicating a praying stance. Her voluptuous body is usually clad in white robes crafted from runecloth, a general set of robes for a priestess of her status. Outside of indoor areas she can be seen hooded in a pristine white hood. For warmth, she wears a white cape with a dark hem that matches her robes. Her shoes are a light gray with red embroidery on the heel.

Her hair is unusually soft for a Dwarf. Her locks are blonde, resembling the Light and probably due to overexposure to it. They are always tied up into a tight ponytail to ensure that they stay out of her eyes during casting and times of dire need. The band that ties her hair is crafted from the finest of Dwarvish leather available. Her hair is also rather long--even in a ponytail it reaches well down the middle of her back, almost touching the top of her waist. Around her neck one would be sure to notice a thin band of leather wrapped around loosely, resembling a necklace. If one would be close enough to inspect the charm, one would notice that instead of a charm, a ring is threaded through the leather. It is red and resembles a heart, engraved with a few words of Dwarvish.

If one was careful enough to examine her necklace, one would be sure to notice the gleaming jewelry adorning both her earlobes. On her right is a larger ring carved out of pure silver, crafted by the Humans. Its edges are slightly jagged and on it is inscribed, 'Priestess Kathrana Bronzewind', followed by a symbol of the Stormwind Cathedral, signifying Kathy's status at the priesthood in Stormwind. On her left, however, is an earring carved of pure iron, darkened by countless blasts of fire. On the earring is an odd feature--there is no way to unclasp the earring, as if it was crafted onto her ear. There are a few words engraved into the ring, but it is in a dialect of Dwarvish.


As a result of a psychological episode and a reaction-formation mechanism of defense, Kathy has developed quite a homely and kind personality. She retains all the hospitality that dwarves, especially the women, are known for, always housing in strangers and providing shelter to those in need. She is especially kind to her friends, always resorting to playful teasing and being the wiser one that always gives advice. Somethings that attribute to that is her priestess outlook on life, her experience, and the fact that her mind is generally clear due to the absence of alcohol for most of her life. She is always eager to give others advice and provide people with a safe place to confide in. She is also full of secrets of both other people and herself.

Kathy generally has an optimistic outlook on life. She accepts that somethings cannot be changed and the only way to save someone is to send them to the Light by giving them the sweet release of death. She still believes there is hope in some characters and includes as much as she can in her prayers. This includes betrayers like Illidan and Arthas, the dead including King Menethil and Uther, and the living including both Horde and Alliance. She is also very open-minded to all things, although has a strict sense of what a priestess should be and act like, setting up some tight boundaries for herself to act in.


Kathy's history is a complicated one. However, to completely understand it, one must first delve into the history of the Bronzewind Clan, a small faction of the Bronzebeard Clan. The most well known of the Bronzewinds was none other than Khadra Bronzewind, a notable Paladin of her time.

War of Three HammersEdit

At a young age, Khadra was instructed in the ways of the Light. Tensions were high between the Dwarven clans at her youth, so most Dwarves her age were taken and instructed in the ways of battle. Khadra especially showed prowess at wielding both sword and shield in addition to harnessing the Light. As such, when the call for war rang, she was already a fully realized Paladin, teaching others the way of the Light. Eagerly, the young Paladin reported for duty. For her bravery against the first battles of the War of Three Hammers, Khadra was instructed to lead a small group of Paladins and Priests that each represented an individual clan from within the Bronzebeard and Wildhammer Clans. Finally, the dark sorceress Modgud launched her dark assault on Grim Batol. Khadra's squad was instructed to infiltrate Blackrock Mountain and assassinate Sorcerer-thane Thaurissan, the king of the Dark Iron Dwarves at the time. With their combined powers of the Light, the small squad successfully reached their target. However, it was too late by then; Sorcerer-thane Thaurissan was already dead. And now, standing before them at the heart of Blackrock Mountain, was the Firelord, Ragnaros.

Khadra's squad was slaughtered easily by a mere swipe of Ragnaros's claw. Khadra, by some miracle provided by the Light, was shielded within a divine aura. But it could not last forever. Ragnaros grew bored and returned deeper into the mountain, taking command of the remaining Dark Iron Dwarves. Meanwhile, in her aura, Khadra tried to escape.

Khadra made it to the entrance of the mountain when her aura faded and her protection was lost. The guards at the entrance captured her and enslaved her into working in the mountain for the Firelord. She was taken as a prisoner of war, even though the Dark Irons had effectively lost their leaders and the War of Three Hammers. Khadra, to the Bronzebeard and Wildhammer Clans, was reported as slain alongside her squad.

Prisoner of the Dark IronsEdit

Doomed to live her days serving both the hideous Dark Irons and the Firelord, Ragnaros, Khadra lost hope. She spent the rest of her days toiling away in the mountain at the commands of Dark Irons, and rotting away in her cell without even a window to look out.

But her torture would not end there. Amidst some of the guards, one of the guards took great interest in Khadra. He lusted for her pink skin that contrasted with the rest of the Dark Iron females. He lusted after her power, lusted after her manipulation of the Light to aid her. And most of all, he lusted after her courage. The particular jailor's name was Syddan Firehammer, a somewhat powerful warlock. He would remain shy when he received the orders to guard her cell. He'd throw her quick glances and clear his throat nervously whenever their eyes met. Needless to say, he was in love. Unfortunately for him, and eventually her, his love was not reciprocated. Khadra had such hatred for all Dark Irons that Syddan was no exception, even if he showed her mercy. And like most Dark Irons, his kindness quickly turned.

It was a dark night when he was assigned her cell again. He made sure he was the only guard and summoned his demon, Jalrek. The Felguard held down the Paladin as she was taken against her will. By some chance, Khadra managed to free a leg and sent Syddan flying into the stone wall, then summoning the Hammer of Justice to incapacitate Jalrek. She tore Jalrek's huge axe from his hand and turned it on his master, decapitating the warlock and banishing the demon in one sweep. But the damage was done, and an ominous cloud descended upon Khadra's cell. She was pregnant.

A Concealed DaughterEdit

In her baby, Khadra found hope. She thought that if some how, some way she could keep her baby from being corrupted by the Dark Irons and forced to live in those conditions, she, too, could escape. So she hid her child. It wasn't difficult--her figure, like most Dwarves, did not change often. Fortune smiled on her when on the day of her birth, she was sent to her cell rather than labor. She birthed her child painfully silent and when the baby began to cry, she immediately quieted the infant. She expressed very calmly and carefully to her daughter than she had to be different. That she was not allowed to cry. And by some twist of fate, the infant understood. Khadra had successfully given birth to her daughter in complete secrecy.

Khadra had some hay in her cell, as it used to be a stable for some of the Dark Irons' horses. She hid her child loosely in hay each time she went for labor. When she received food, she only ate a quarter, giving the rest to her infant. She had named the child Kathrana Syddan Bronzewind. She had contemplated the name for many days, but decided to include Firehammer's first name as a sign of respect. After all, only through his lust and temptations could she have this glimmer of hope in her doomed life. Through Khadra's meals, Kathy was fed. She learned never to waste an ounce of food, never to waste an ounce of her mother's failing life.

Khadra wanted more for Kathy than just to work hard labor for the fire elementals and Dark Irons. She began to formulate a plan to escape. She knew there were certain days that the Dark Irons had meetings with their new king, Emperor Dagran. She had learned from a loud guard that one would be occurring in the next night. During that night, Khadra stole away from her cell. She used the Light to burst out of her cell and stole down the hallways, a young adolescent beside her. Kathy was nine years old by Human standards, but twenty-six years old to be truthful. The two ran down long spiraling hallways.

And then, Khadra could hear the outside and feel a draft of air. They were nearly out! She sprinted down the hallway, clutching Kathy's hand for dear life... and was met by a guard party. Khadra grabbed a nearby stave for defense, but she was weakened with her lack of food, endless labor, and her old age. Kathy could only watch with tearful eyes as her mother was struck down in combat. The guards approached the young girl, grabbing her roughly on the arm. In a fit of rage, Kathy's body trembled and exploded into novas of Holy energy, incinerating the guard party in righteous fire. Exhausted and burned badly, the girl staggered out of the mountain and walked for at least a mile before finally surrendering. She fell onto the soft grass, unconscious.

Archbishop BenedictusEdit

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