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Basic Info Edit

  • Name: Karris Audare
  • Title: Professional Scoundrel
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • Status: Single, Three time champion of the "Booty Bay Blast it to Bits!" explosive cannon contest.
  • Siblings: Jerédii Audare
  • Parents: Rena and Gregor Audare (deceased)

Appearance Edit

Relatively short of stature for a Sin'dorei, this athletic, almost lanky male individual seems to be almost constantly in motion, be it running to and fro or simply fidgeting. With short cropped hair and skin well bronzed by the sun, he wears clothes that while well made, appear rumpled and half forgotten in their placement.

Bearing a voice that is both soft and exuberant, his skill at stealth and subterfuge is matched only by his lack of concentration... deftly sneaking about until randomly losing focus and being interrupted by a loud crash or explosion of his own making... followed shortly thereafter by a belated "Oops..."

Background Edit

Born in Silvermoon City to a middle class family, Karris was the youngest of two children. Just barely into adulthood when Arthas attacked, he survived the coming troubles physically intact, if a bit mentally unhinged from the horrors of war. In the aftermath following the Sunwell's destruction, his parents met with tragedy from the troubling affliction that had begun to overwhelm so many of the Quel'dorei. Suddenly bereft of the two people who had raised and nurtured him, Karris seemed to spiral deeper into a world of his own creation, ignoring outright the rules and facets of normal society to which he didn't conform or enjoy. It was his elder brother that kept him from the worst of trouble, shielding him in those early years and allowing him some time to deal with the emotional and mental trauma of both the war and paternal deaths.

Though some time has passed, Karris is still healing. While better in some ways, he's become worse in others. Fiercely dedicated to his brother, he is never far from his side, always trying (though rarely within legal channels) to remedy their predicament and make sure they have coin to live by. His refusal to deal with some aspects of reality has left his maturity somewhat less than where it should be for his age. His emotional growth stifled by an inability to understand what happened in the past, his understanding of right and wrong is left in a permanent state of moral ambiguity.

To his credit, Karris is an imaginative and passionate soul who despite not having any understanding of ethics, does his best to care for his brother and whatever stray animals he comes across, be they fair or foul. His childish love of all things bright and shiny has also led to a very adept hand at engineering both miraculous and disastrous inventions. Either they will help him with his objectives, or blow him up, trying.

Goals and Motivations Edit

His life turned upside down by the death of his parents, the immediate goal for Karris has been gathering enough coin so that he and his brother once more have a home to call their own, following the 'incident' which destroyed their familial property. Feeling the need to be active while finding himself of little practical use to others around him, his efforts most often involve pilfering and pawning goods 'found' at the city's various vendor stalls, or performing random jobs for various unseemly individuals along Murder Row.

In matters more long term, one single obsession focuses Karris' mind and refuses to let go until sated. Revenge. Right or wrong, he blames various factions and events for the death of his parents, and will abandon all other endeavors to exact some measure of maliciousness against them whenever the opportunity arises. The only safeguard stopping or at least curbing this tendency has been his elder brother.

Vices and Virtues Edit

  • Karris is a very passionate individual but finds himself easily distracted, particularly by anything bright, metallic, or loud.
  • Possessed of a boyish innocence matched with a madman's passion, he has proven to have no understanding of right or wrong, leading to habitual incidents of larceny, arson, and assault.
  • Gifted with an overactive imagination, Karris is often found talking to his pet Mana Wyrmling and believing it talks back. His accounts of events are sometimes obviously fabricated, yet he fervently believes in his own delusions... at least until they're completely forgotten, some few minutes later.
  • Karris hates to be physically touched by anyone other than his brother... a result of the trauma from losing his parents. Attempts to do so usually result in drawn blades and the loss of blood and fingers from the offending individual.

Public Knowledge and Rumors Edit

  • Karris is well known and even better liked in Booty Bay, Ratchet, and Orgrimmar, where his chaotic tendencies are more easily tolerated. Likewise, he is completely unwelcome in Thunder Bluff after an incident involving thirty cats, two explosive totems, and a stampede.
  • Rumors persist regarding the true nature of the relationship between Karris and his brother. Given the obsessive nature in which he views his brother, and his otherwise unethical activities, it's not surprising that Karris himself is often suspected of less than wholesome acts.

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