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Early LifeEdit

Karath Dawnstrider was born in the small village of Suncrown, born to Garek and Lyllas Dawnstrider, about 157 years before the First War. Born into a poor mining family, Karath didn't have much schooling, as well as a lack of arcane abilities. Karath's father, believed in druidic methods, and therefore, Karath was forbidden to even travel to Silvermoon to take part in any part of magic. As a boy, Karath was often disciplined, somtimes whipped by his father. At about the age of 18, Karath's father believed that his wife was having an affair, and promptly drowned her. This filled Karath with rage, and he and his father fought. Karath was eventually beaten down, and his right eye was ripped out as a sign of his father's victory. Karath was then forced by his father to work in a gold mine. At the time of Karath's adulthood, he left his home and went to Silvermoon searching for a purpose. Karath soon joined the Silvermoon Guard, where he was taught to fight with a sword and shield. Karath fought many skirmishes with the Amani Trolls before joining the Ranger Corps.

The FarstridersEdit

Second WarEdit

Fall of Quel'ThalasEdit

Becoming a Blood ElfEdit