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Kaliili stands at 7' even and is of average weight for her kind. Her hair is dark brown, always kept short and close to the scalp. Her skin is a purple- gray, darkening towards the ends of her upturned horns. She has no visible scars or distinguishing marks and remains free of decoration and jewelry.


On the surface, Kaliili is serious and focused, typically not smiling or laughing. She tends to keep most at arm's length and claims to prefer it that way. Still she has shown a more vulnerable side to those closest to her. Recently she has been making an active attempt to be "friendly," going so far as to visit taverns now and again.

Almost entirely amoral, she prefers to make the moral decisions in the moment rather than think about what is "right" or "wrong" beforehand.


Born on Argus, she managed to survive the betrayal of her people to the Burning Legion and fled with Velen and the remnant of the newly- christened draenei. Though never called to serve the Light as a Vindicator, she studied and was noted for her zealotry. This, however, changed when the fel- empowered Horde sacked Shattrath city.

Kaliili felt that the Light had betrayed her people and went into a depression. The loss of close friends to the "sickness" that turned them into the Broken only deepened her state. She only began to climb out of it when Nobundo returned. Diving into his teachings on the ways of the spirits with the same fervor she had once had for the Light has given the huntress a purpose she had long lacked.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Seemingly acting at random, her goals, if she has any, are hidden. She typically speaks of "The Hunt," obsessing over her "prey" constantly.


  • When speaking Common, does not use contractions, perhaps due to her unfamiliarity with the language.
  • Trains her pets to respond to her commands in draenei.
  • Collects books and reads every text she comes across.

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