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Kajali is really nothing special. She's a bit shorter than most Kal'Dorei. Her hair is long and tangled, and she has woven and tied in small bits of fur, teeth, claws, anything else she has salvaged from various beasts. It's rare to see her in any clothing other than her leather armor, which is thick and well worn. If she's not wearing that, she'll be in a simple leather harness paired with a long kilt decorated with feathers and bits of fur. Sometimes there's a small and very fat Faerie Dragon hatchling clinging to her shoulder. The thing can't fly and will either be perched somewhere on Kajali, or bouncing around on the ground beside her, trying in vain to keep up.


Kajali is snide and sarcastic, prone to fits of rage and spite. She seems to dislike anyone and everyone, and doesn't waste time to let that be known. She's distrustful, cynical, and really no fun to be around.


Goals and motivationsEdit

Kajali's goals are known only to herself. Her motivations are not hard to figure out, she kills and hunts for the sheer joy of it. Anyone asking her to kill will not be refused, especially when money is involved.



Kajali dislikes birds. She just doesn't trust them, apparently.