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Slightly shorter than most of his race, Joreth has a dusky, violet skin tone with a deep, fluid voice. Thin, ornamented facial tendrils move about and test the air of their own accord, while bluff, angular features mark a face just beginning to show signs of age. Habitually leaning against a simple wooden staff bound with crystals and charms, he tends to keep towards a simple, somber appearance despite his often present smile and jovial attitude.


Not much is known in regards to Joreth's past before the orcs and their quest for blood across Draenor, his own words on such times being few and heavily guarded. What is known, is that he was among the refugees in hiding following the fall of Shattrath. As the emergence of the Krokul began to occur, he was one of those who protested in their favor regarding exile from the camps. When the time came that the Krokul themselves departed, he did so alongside them, ill content that his fellow Draenei would turn from their own brethren in their time of greatest need.

It was during this time among them, settling in Nagrand, that he would be present for the rise of the Kurenai and the ways of the shaman. While others of his race were fighting to capture the Exodar and flee to Azeroth, he learned alongside the Krokul, slowly but surely perfecting his skill as a seer.

More recently, he has answered Velen's call and settled alongside his brethren in their new home of Azeroth, taking up residence within the Exodar's Crystal Hall. As a serving member of the Earthen Ring, he has worked both to represent Draenei interests within the Alliance, and to look into troubling rumors of Old Gods gradually waking beneath the frozen north.

Goals and MotivesEdit

  • Joreth’s primary focus is the development of relations between his own people and the rest of the Alliance. This allows him to learn more about Azeroth while simultaneously giving him a chance to work at healing relations regarding the Kurenai and the popular misconceptions surrounding their nature.
  • Since arriving in Azeroth, he’s developed a strong interest in the Twilight’s Hammer Cult and its intentions. Fearing that they might do to Azeroth what was done to Draenor, he devotes much of his spare time towards keeping himself up to date regarding their actions.
  • Currently residing in Northrend for much of his time, Joreth has put a great deal of effort into aiding the Maelstrom, a faction dedicated to fighting back against Arthas and his Scourge.


  • Alijysiia: Advisor, lover, companion and friend, Joreth's connection with the Prioress is a deep one, and was at once both his deepest strength and greatest weakness. When she fell during the Scourge Invasion to rise up amongst Arthas' legions, his life changed drastically.
  • Nobundo: His mentor in the shamanistic arts, Joreth's loyalty to Nobundo is absolute, seeing him as the pinnacle of what all Krokul might yet become, and the affirmation of his belief that they should be treated as equals.
  • Taraku: Joreth's mount and most steadfast ally, Taraku is one of countless orphaned members of the Netherwing dragonflight. Often in the guise of a Draenei mage, she is at his side aiding in his research regarding the Old Gods and Neltharion's corruption.


  • Joreth's passion for the balance of the elements is matched only by his fondness for keeping small animals, and a love of fine cooking.
  • In tune with the Elemental Spirits, he is prone to speaking in plural first person or cryptic phrases, often with lapses into silence before responding to questions or making statements.
  • Almost constantly found jotting notes into his journal (even in the midst of conversation), he is often preoccupied by his own writing.
  • Regularly found talking aloud to himself when stressed or he thinks no one is near enough to listen, it is rather obvious that he hears voices, though whether real or imagined is a matter of perspective.
  • Since Alijysiia's rise to undeath and subsequent disappearance, Joreth has increased his relations greatly with the Argent Crusade, donating much in the way of time and resources to their cause.

Public Knowledge & RumorsEdit

  • While his command of Common is still somewhat broken, he has since mastered Kalimag, the language of the elements, and Draconic with a great deal of fluency.
  • Though assumed to be capable, Joreth does not use his Gift of the Naaru ability.
  • Joreth finds himself somewhat shunned by the bulk of the Draenei populace for his status as a shaman and his fellowship with the Krokul. Both are still frowned upon by many more traditional individuals within draenic society.

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