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Jim is a level 70 Undead Mage on the server Moon Guard (US).


Jim Fleeseburt looks like the average Undead male. Skin hangs decaying from his bones, his ribs poke through his stomach, and his spine sticks out. His hands are claws with pointed tips for fingers, along with his feet. He normally has an odd expression on his face, halfway between amazement and being lost in thought.

He can often be found holding a conversation with a small Netherwhelp, whose name is aparently Steven Phelps. The whelp doesn't seem to respond, but Jim manages to carry on the conversation somehow.


No one knows where Jim came from, or who he was in his life. He merely mentions to always being there.


His goals appear to be to have as many pleasant conversations as possible.


"Isn't this terribly exciting!"

"You know, there's no end to the problems a good conversation can fix."

"I have a potion that can fix that! It cures everything from the common cold to amputation!"

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