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Basic Info Edit

  • Name: Jerédii Varyn Audare
  • Title: The Allegiant Progenitor
  • Age: 26 in human years.
  • Sign: Virgo
  • Height: 6'3
  • Weight: 205
  • Marital Status: It's Complicated/Single
  • Siblings: Karris Audare
  • Parents: Gregor and Rena (deceased)

Appearance Edit

With toned muscles exceeding Farstriders-breed and a stance as proud as noblemen, Jerédii grasps strong to what little he has left to call his own.

Golden hair falls straight down his back and shoulders, often taking to wisping across his Viridian field of view. HIs only facial hair drapes neatly on the center of his chin- cleanshaven along all other parts.

His voice is calm.--a melodic low tenor which is rarely raised above a near whisper unless deeply angered or upset.

Background Edit

Having grown up in Silvermoon City as the eldest of two boys, Jerédii never truly wanted for anything. His family's existence was a pleasantly peaceful one up until the fall of the Sunwell. Jerédii watched his parents fall quickly into the darkness of hunger, as many Elves seemed to do at that time. He was left, in the end, with an ash-soaked house (something which is rarely talked on) and a young brother who was torn to mental shreds over the loss of the two.

Doing what bits he could, Jer began to start a new life for both his brother and himself. Constantly sickened with the thought of losing Karris as well, he was not kept in jobs long. His habits of rushing to Karris' side just to check on him, rather often and O.C.D, seemed a bit too much for those stamping his timecard.

Finally, he found work in the city, rebuilding sections that needed repairing. It was far less noble than what his parents had done before all this, but it was a steady income. It brought in decent enough coin, but with Karris' "borrowing" tricks, Jer often ended up farther into debt than he started in the month; being the only one truly bringing in money for the two.

Jerédii had to grow up rather quickly after the death of his elders. His love for Karris delves deeper than that of a simple brother. He sees himself in the lad, and for that wants the boy to find every happiness he can in the time he has on this planet...things that now, he can never ask for, being the more mature of the two. He looks after him like a son, a best friend and with a tenderness befitting a lover.

Goals and Motivations Edit

  • He watches over his younger brother Karris like one would a wounded animal. He seeks to be a positive influence in the boy's life, as their parents are now deceased.
  • Jerédii wants nothing more than to make enough coin to buy a place where they can exist happily as they once did. Comfortably and without worry.

Vices and Idiosyncracies Edit

  • Jerédii is rarely seen without his younger brother prowling somewhere behind/along. If he -is- seen alone, he is usually less than talkative and focused on some sort of personal goal or mission.
  • He works -rather- hard to keep Karris away from Bloodthistle and spirits-- but in times of personal distress, he takes to the Thistle in private. Usually seen from head-to-toe in black within the city, not speaking to anyone while under it's influence.

Public Knowledge and Rumors Edit

  • Jer seems to be rather good friends with Nerisen, a Rogue trainer in the City. Most likely because of his brother's tastes for the Shadows and their "Art", he has grown close to all of the Trainers, though appears to utterly loathe Champion Vranesh for one reason or another.

[Karris' Page]

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