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Basic Stats and InfoEdit

  • AGE: Hard to determine because of a draenei's long life span. If she was human she would be 35-40 yrs.
  • HEIGHT: 6'4"
  • WEIGHT: 245 lbs. (without armor)
  • STRENGTHS: determined, conscientious, extremely loyal.
  • WEAKNESSES: lack of confidence, hard on herself, stubborn.
  • FAMILY: Tinaar and Kayira (Parents, deceased)
  • INTERESTING FACTS: Jayda's worst fear is of fire. She also is a chronic insomniac. (difficult time sleeping)


  • "Zilthuras" - Paladin Warhorse
  • "Maladath" - Paladin Warcharger (Previously owned by Andorhan, a retired Vindicator and old Teacher)
  • "Icicle" - Snow White Gryphon (given to Faalkor)
  • "Shaa'turu" - Purple Armored Gryphon
  • "Venaaku" - Violet Netherdrake


Jayda has deep azure blue skin and hair. Her horns are small and curved and she lately had a hair cut, her hair cropped jaw-length which frames her face. Her current hair style helps to conceal the jagged scar at the base of her left horn - the remnants of the head injury she sustained during the crash of the Exodar. Her facial features are dainty and attractive - her overall demeanor noble, yet humble.

She is tall, curvy, slender and moves with grace and agility. She is quite used to wearing heavy plate - and is seen to favor a mace and shield in combat. Her musculature is lean and firm and she is physically fit and supple. She has the look of someone who takes their job very seriously and rarely gets a chance to fully relax.

Jayda's favorite color is purple. She tends to favor the color combination purple, gold and white.

Personality and DemeanorEdit

Jayda is polite to others and is helpful - as well as she offers her healing skills to her guild. However - she does so because of her long standing unbreakable loyalty to Jexuun and Maelstrom, and as a paladin - it is her duty and career. She can at times tend to bury herself in her work and rarely allows herself to relax and have fun every once in a while. She is dedicated and hard working.

Despite taking her job seriously, she also has a naturally protective streak - and she is very compassionate and considerate of others. She can at times be very nurturing to those she is closely associated with, while with acquaintances she retains a polite distance. Overall she is good natured, though reserved and quiet. Her loyalty has no bounds.



A very close friend, Jayda has known this shaman (previously an Anchorite) since they were small children. Romance had flared at one time, but they are currently content to remain close friends.


This mage, next to Faalkor is the most important person in her life. It is he that teaches her how to let go and relax. To laugh even in times of sorrow. It is a soulmate relationship and they will do anything for the other.


This night elf huntress was one of the first members of Maelstrom Jayda met when she first joined the guild. They became fast friends and always got together regularly when duties allowed to chat and enjoy each others company.


Another night elf huntress, and previously high ranking official of Maelstrom - Jayda slowly but surely developed a strong bond of friendship. In current times they can work together with excellent team work and make a formidable pair to deal with.


A very close friend that has helped her through many a trial. This young draenei woman is a paladin - and her and Jayda work together very well. Jayda cares for her very much.

Background HistoryEdit

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