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[ pronounced eye-THEL ] After having spent much time working under the control of the Sunfuries, Iythele has become, truly, a changed man. Having lost everything he once loved (save for one circumstance...) he is now bitter, "cool" and crude.

His sunstreaked auburn hair flows down his back, with unkept strands overflowing from his forehead like a waterfall. His face, although handsome and toned shows his years through lines, scars and tanned flesh. His facial hair is usually upkept the best. He has a cool and suave air about him. It's evident that he could care less on how others view him.


There is no background to give. Iythele does not recall who or what he used to be. As long as he can remember, he has been amongst the Sunfury Army. It seems that before his "black-out", he was -forced- into joining but he does not feel bound to them in any way. (In truth, he stays because it's all he knows.) The nickname "FireFury" was given to him by him by his Sunfury comrades after they saw his expertise with a bow, especially Fire arrows.

Goals and MotivesEdit

  • To figure out who he was and decide, when the time comes-- if he'll actually -want- to learn of his forgotten past.


[Will come soon *grins* ]


  • He is usually seen smoking a Thistle cigar, which has been his trademark since as long as he can recall.

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