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Itarater Silverlance is a muscular elf, most commonly seen wearing a full set of armour and weapons, consisting of a mix of chain-mail and leather armour, with a phoenix bow, quiver filled with violet-feathered arrows, a large axe across his back, a combat dagger sheathed at his left, and a large, though one-handed, sword also across his back - opposite to the axe. He also carries a few other tools, including a smaller knife sheathed at the top of his right boot, a set of bandages and anti-septics in a pouch at his right side, a small box of flint and tinder, and some basic combat rations.

Alternately, and less commonly, Itarater can be found wearing much simpler clothing - a fishing pole in place of most of his weapons, with just a simple hat, shirt, pants and boots. Most often he wears this simple outfit in Nagrand, fishing from the lakes and rivers near the peaceful talbuks close to Garadar.

Aside from the rather large arsenal of weapons and supplies, there are few exceptional things about Itarater, at a quick glance. The most unique physical characteristic is a distinct set of scars running across and around his right eye, appearing to be from a large clawed hand. The eye itself is undamaged, and both his eyes glow a dim emerald green - slightly different from the fel green of many elves in the Horde.

He's near-always trailed by an elegant raptor, Ithil, who bears a few scars of his own, including a broken tail spike. Also often nearby are a beautiful cobalt riding talbuk, Rin, who carries most of Itarater's worldly possessions in her carefully-balanced saddlebags, and an unusual blue nether ray, Thel, who often chooses to float far overhead, almost out of sight, in the skies of Draenor.


Itarater Silverlance has retired, spending the rest of his days peacefully in the grassland prairies of Mulgore, with his raptor, and a small brown rabbit.

Out of characterEdit

This character is permanently retired, and this page is preserved for historical reasons. The player is retired from World of Warcraft permanently, in favour of the rest of life.

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