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Iroha has long, matte black hair always kept in pigtails. Her skin is a dull bluish-gray, and marred with small scars. She tends to travel in mismatched, often clumsily patched up armor, often decorated with random gems (often simply rocks with no actual value) that she digs up.


Spunky and full of energy, Iroha is a cheerful, scrappy fighter and highly competetive. Though she can be a little snide and harsh in language, she maintains a positive, upbeat attitude toward life. That said, she tends to hold a somewhat negative opinion of other people.


She was born and raised in the Zangarmarsh on Draenor, a short distance away from the temple. She loved nature and was always fascinated by her environment, and so after Nobundo came on the scene with his shamanistic teachings, she quickly took them up and incorporated into her self-taught martial fighting style. Though most of her family remained behind on Draenor when Velen led the raid on the Exodar, Iroha participated in the battle and survived the crash on Azeroth.

On Azeroth she took to exploring the new world with all the interest with which she'd explored the marshes back home, and became close friends with the Ironforge dwarves, through which she entered into the Alliance vs Horde conflict.

Returning to Draenor sometime later, she was apalled at the state of her former home, and went into a short period of impassioned vengeance-seeking, before calming herself down.

Currently, she mostly wanders the landscape, in search of ways to improve upon her self-taught fighting technique.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

  • At present she sports a quiet rage against the naga, and wants nothing more than to purge them from existance
  • She constantly seeks to make herself stronger, patching up her armor herself and training under waterfalls wherever she can find them.
  • Between the history of her race and the tensions on Azeroth sported by her new allies, she has a deep, burning hatred of most of the Horde. However, the tauren she finds cute, fuzzy, and quite amiable.


  • Despite being a draenei and loving dwarves, her two least favorite people are a draenei and a dwarf.
  • She has very little tolerance for unfair fighting, and tends to lash out at Rogues on sight.
  • She finds much of the fighting between alliance and horde very silly, and only participates because of obligations. If she gets bored, she wont hesitate to walk off the field.
  • She's got a surprisingly adequate singing voice


  • She's known to be rather independent in her actions, proceeding - often recklessly - according to her own ideas in group settings.
  • She makes rivalries easily, and has been seen singling out and relentlessly hunting - even if it's a lost cause - individual opponents even in large scale battles.

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