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General Information Edit

Name: Icedragon Moonfrost
Title: Guardian of Cenarius, Loremaster
Age: 4,456
Hair color: Green, comes to the middle of her back
Eye color: glowing, a light shade of amber
Skin color: Blue, looks as if she's always cold
Height: 6’ 7”…tops 9’ in Moonkin form with antlers
Weight: 230 pounds
Spouse: None, but is involved with a druidess named Seline
Children: None
Siblings: None
Pets: Three chickens among other flying creatures

Appearance Edit

Ice usually stands with her arms folded and weight shifted to one side, either trying to remember what she was doing or meditating deep in a perplexing thought. Feathers line her armor to show her status as a Druid of the Talon. A silver heart-shaped locket hangs around her neck, often tucked into her chestpiece for safe-keeping. On a leather string around her neck hangs a druidic idol with three carved wooden birds: the hawk, the falcon, and the owl. The green tattoos on her face look like claws, lending to the latter part of her first name. Often her face is obscured by a dark hood with large stag-like antlers mounted on top; it's hard to tell if the antlers protrude from her head or the cowl.

Personality Edit

She adores her friends and guildmates and is a very caring person, but her temper is short and her bad side isn't a good place to be. Usually reading or writing, she's very willing to pass on her knowledge to anyone interested though there's a lot that she still wants to learn. Easy to offend yet easy to befriend.

Idiosyncrasies Edit

  • Reads constantly when traveling, if not reading then writing in her notebook.
  • Adores her chickens, including a rum-drinking Prairie Chicken.
  • Can be very clumsy. Often falls off a ledge before seeing it.
  • Obsessive-compulsive with her desire to make lists and organize items, especially in the guild vault.
  • Has issues navigating a map and remembering what she's doing at the same time.
  • Not fond of male Kaldorei in general, especially hunters.

Rumors Edit

  • She is sometimes seen with a female human warlock, which is very odd for a Kaldorei, especially a druid. They seem to be friends.

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