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The Crone.


An old and wiry elf, Ibarruri is past the flatteries of youth and well into her age. Her hair, blonde at one point in time, now grays generously at the bases, silvery at the tips, though still maintaining its thickness. Every one of her features depicts a stern demeanor, lines of seniority already present, her strong jaw offering a feeling of handsomeness rather than true beauty. She walks with a tired but steady gait, and speaks very much in a similar manner. Ibarruri prefers to keep her appearance as well-groomed and proper as visibly possible, though seemingly not enjoying the process at all.


This elf holds no love for anyone outside the race, even elating a common worker of Silvermoon over a well-accomplished orc soldier. Her prejudice is strong, but misplaced, and has no qualms to belittle the rest of the Horde. She grows concerned over the tending deviancy of her people, worried that the ill-manered taint of the lesser Horde races will seep into elven customs, hence why Ibarruri embraces the old upbringing where the individual is exalted, but collectively - you before everyone else, but your people before you.
With her race she seems to be even harsher. She demands that all respect their proper social order - and she respects them in turn, regardless of their chosen craft. She is wary of the Blood Knights and will generally avoid the areas of Silvermoon where the Adepts and Knights train so as to prevent political arguments. In terms of her own craft as a warlock, Ibarruri is an Elder Mancer. She has a seat in The Sanctum merely out of seniority, not by her skill. She has trained numerous acolytes, some of which have grown to become excellent combatants and others as scholars. Ibarruri will not only train acolytes to become good warlocks, but she'll teach them to be responsible ones as well.



Ibarruri practicing her craft amongst the Master Warlocks.

The Riv'era family started as wealthy bourgeoisie, eventually settling into a lower to mid aristocratic social peg. There is no trace of nobility.
The past generation settled comfortably within the early bounds of Quel'thalas, working and exploiting the lands for profit. Eventually their wealth grew so as to be able to raise their family with ease, providing them a proper education and upbringing. So thankful were they of their good fortune that they exalted the crown and the King's swift thinking that brought them to these fertile lands; business with the Alliance was good and prosperous, and the severing of their allegiance was an unfortunate event. The undead raid upon their homelands did not actively affect the family; all siblings and relations came out of the tragedy with their lives. The only true change happened afterwards; a combination of their newfound mana addiction and a divided people.
Ibarruri was one of the first pilgrims to have followed Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider into the Outland, eventually settling in Netherstorm to serve the Sunfury in constructing the Manaforges. Only on a furtive rumor of Voren'thal the Seer's stand in Shattrath City - and the reason behind it - offered the elf and the rest of her comrades courage to return home - and join the Horde. Upon returning to Netherstorm years later, she worked with both the Scryers, the goblins, and the Consortium until feeling her debt was paid.
Currently, she is the Overseer of <The Contingent> after some political turmoil in her previous banner. Though she did not wish to take the leadership charge the social pressure from her former guildmates eventually made her accept the role. The Contingent is now a successful and active collective of productive combatants and soldiers.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

Above all else, Ibarruri wants to perfect the craft of the warlock - especially in its Demonology branch. Her duty to her acolytes is similar to that of a den mother; she is caring but stern, and demands their best from them without excuses. She wants the younger generation of warlocks to become more responsible and not so haughty and reckless - such as their comrade in the craft, Forsaken and orcs, have proven to be. In her current age, Ibarruri's single wish is to return home and retire.



"He matches my eyes".

  • Though many warlocks tend to abuse their respective minions, Ibarruri knows that she just as much depends on them as they depend on her. It is a symbiotic relationship and wishes for other warlocks to respect their demons rather than neglecting the needs of the very creatures that serve them.
  • Though at first she regarded the term "the crone" when directed to her as an insult, she has eventually accepted it as a mark of honor.
  • Ibarruri is an avid trinket collector and many common and uncommon specimens have already found their way to her bags.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit


"He matches... Oh, wait."

  • Has no interest in marrying, upholding the fact that the ritual of a wedding is a human cultural term and has no place amongst elves.
  • May or may not have an obession with the color green.
  • Ibarruri is barren. She will never be able to sire an heir.

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