Iastine Emberdawn is a level 66 Paladin on the Moon Guard server, originally on the Earthen Ring server. Her name is pronounced "yah-STEEN". Iastine is currently inactive.


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Appearance Edit

A bit taller than most of the Sin’dorei, Iastine’s body is all muscle, hard and well-defined. Her skin is of a dark shade that suggests much time out in the sun, and a few freckles can be seen sprinkled across her nose. She is clearly a middle-aged elf that has experienced much, and though she may laugh and smile, the mirth never quite reaches her eyes.

History Edit

Iastine was born into the Emberdawn line of High Elven Rangers and Warriors, who acted as royal bodyguards during the time of Dath'remar Sunstrider. Due to her heritage, at the urging of her parents, Iastine took up the warrior profession at around the time of the First War. She was assigned to the defense of Silvermoon at a very young age, and spent many long days killing the forest trolls that threatened Quel'thalas.

During the Second War, Iastine was recruited to help a group of paladins recover one of their number who had been captured by the orcs. She was 154 years old then, still an adolescent by High Elf standards.

After the Second War, Iastine studied with the paladins in Stormwind, but is ultimately barred from joining the order. She returned to Quel’thalas, but did not report to Silvermoon. Instead she became a laborer, eventually becoming a miner and stonecutter to help with the reconstruction of Silvermoon after the Third War.

Iastine was counted as one of the survivors who fled Quel’thalas when the Scourge attacked.

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Character "Hooks" Edit

Name & Title: Iastine Emberdawn, Blood Knight, former Sergeant of Quel’thalas, former Squire of the Silver Hand

Preferred method of contact: Approaching me IC in game is fine, IC in game mail is fine, /tells are ((OOC)) unless you are standing right next to me and emote something like “leans over and whispers to Iastine”.

  • Hooks:
    1. She’s a big girl. Or, should I say, woman, as she’s about 45 in human years. She’s 6’3” and muscular (my inspiration was Gabby Reece).
    2. She’s been around. I mean, around. She was a Warrior in the Silvermoon army for a long time fighting trolls, and she has lived in Stormwind in order to study with the Silver Hand. She is also a regular at Silvermoon’s brothels and sees no problem whatsoever with that. Problem is, she has caused a bit of damage to some of the brothel’s property (ehm, both kinds). She is aggressively heterosexual and only likes elves, however, Iastine’s player does not ERP.
    3. She really really hates humans. “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned” and all that. She has rage issues (see #2), and can sometimes be seen just looking furious or clenching and unclenching her hands and/or jaw.

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