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Basic InformationEdit

Fullname: Ashlore Heartwood

  • Responds to "Heartwood" and will not respond to being called Ashlore.

Age: Venerable Adulthood

  • Very old in terms of amount of years, essentially.

Gender: Male
Race: Kaldorei
Birthplace: Unknown.
Current Residence: Darnassus, Kalimdor.
"Career" Choice/Class: Rogue
Height: Aprox. 7 feet 8 Inches
Weight: Aprox. 265 lb



Character art of Ashlore Heartwood

Skin Colour: Light blue
Distinctive Skin Features:

  • Massive burn scarring over right side of torso and right upper thigh (result of heat proximity when Ashenvale's volcano errupted, not lava burns.)
    • Scarring is a result of being near the location where Thunder Peak rose and errupted. His burns are from being close to the heat emit from the lava, but not physically touching it. (Think like how you can get a heat burn if you hold your hand too close to the fire in a fireplace.)
  • His face is without scarring or major distortion, but rightside of jaw has some minor scarring where it joins to his neck where the heavy scarring begins.
  • Fingertips are stained with inks from writing OCD.


  • Physically fit, though regardless of such appearance, he sometimes seems overly tired in times of physical effort.
  • Left-hand dominant, mostly noticed when he is seen writing.

Hair Colour: Light Blue, but is a few shades darker than skin.
Hair Type, Length & Style:

  • Medium length & slight wave (think hair that's dried after being soaked) with little to no volume.
  • Styled shaggy for comfort, no attempt in attractiveness

Eyes & Expression:

  • Amber-coloured glow.
  • Naturally prominent, heavy brow; a normal, flat expression gives him the appearance of tiredness from the brow weight.

Physical DescriptionEdit


Reference art of Ashlore Heartwood

A tired expression graces the noble features of this elven man's face, his heavy brow seemingly the cause of such an expressive appearance.

His light blue skin looks to have been severely burned at some point in his past, the mended injury seen permanently distorting the flesh on neck and downward, comfortable and functional clothing potentially hiding more of it from the way it was loose and not restricting on his figure. Short, straight hair is several shades darker in blue than that of his skin, and it is simply styled for comfort without much effort.


Mate: Single.

  • Has no offspring.

Father: Ashlowell (Presumed deceased.)

  • Grandfather: Oaklowell (Deceased.)
    • Firstborn males of the Heartwood lineage are all named a variation of their father and/or grandfather plus a tree type.

Mother: Lorelilly (Deceased.)

  • Nilihan (younger by a century; Alive.)
  • Oakfairn (younger by several centuries; deceased.)
    • Nephew: Yewlowell (Presumed Deceased.)


  • Cynalia (Twin of Nilihan; Alive.)

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