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Name: Grummat Stonefist
Age: 120
Hair color: White
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Light
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 138 pounds

Known Relations: Brother, Aparos Stonefist


Grummat carries the scar of the Undead Fel-Blade that ended his days as a Paladin. His hair, bleached white from the horror, is his most distinctive feature.


Grummat is surprisingly good-natured considering the hardships he has endured. In rare moments, an unsettling darkness can come over the dwarf... It is unknown if he has fully resolved the demons of his past.


Grummat Stonefist was once a mighty retribution paladin from Ironforge. As one of the first of his race to wield the Light in melee combat, Grummat's skill with his mighty two-handed hammer and dogged tenacity on the battlefield was well-known and greatly feared by adversaries of the Alliance. It was a shame when a grievous wound from an Undead Fel-Blade ended his hammer-wielding days...

The road to recovery was long and difficult, and when it became apparent that no amount of healing could repair the damage that had been done, Grummat resolved himself to continue the fight in any way he could. He forever put down his beloved warhammer and turned inward to the Light that fueled his true strength. He became adept at wielding this power to the fullest extent, testing both the purity and the darkness in his attempt master the art. Even today, he continues to grow in his skill as he works his way back to the great battlefield... by any means necessary.


Grummat suffers from the Fel-Blade wound and will often show symptoms of the injury. He often strokes his white beard when engaged in thought-provoking discussions.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

Grummat Stonefist is universally recognized and respected as being one of the first official Dwarven Paladins in the Knights of the Silver Hand after the Third War. His long road to overcome the racial stigma is well documented, as well as the great sacrifices he made to ensure the safety of his comrades on the battlefield.