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Statistics Edit

Name: Vul'yin "Grimspear" Sarthaz

Title: The Reaper

Age: 37 ((In our years.))

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Electric Pink

Skin Color: Purple

Height: 7"4

Weight: 210 lbs.

Girlfriend: Zanalia

Children: Raltark.

Siblings: Kazunna

Parents: Father: Deceased. Mother: Unknown.

Pets: A nether ray.

The Shattered Smile Edit


  A typical Shattered Smile strike team.

The Shattered Smile is a group of mercenaries, cold blooded killers, torturers and all general law breakers. It was founded by Vul'yin, also known as Grimspear. The group takes jobs from people for gold pieces.

A few members:

Vul'yin "Grimspear" Sarthaz: Leader of The Shattered Smile. Accomplishments: Founded guild. Forged an alliance with Veldbarad. Has lead many hit teams.

Kiandor: Second in Command. Accomplishments: Has fought beside Vul'yin numerous times, and assisted in the defeat of Lauciani.

Nicalis: Member of the Upper Ring.Accomplishments Fearsome in battle, sells Bloodthistle, and the best in the guild at interviews. Designed a rank system.

Levestius: Agent of SSmile. Accomplishments: Disccovered valuable hideouts and meeting places. Skilled in combat.

Kazunna: Vul'yins brother. Accomplishments: Already killed over 2 people in his first days. Amazing fighter.

Description Edit

He wields two weapons normally. A spear, and a shotgun. He usually carries numerous knives, darts, and occasionally a sword. A mask made of shadoweave constantly covers most of his face. When not holding a shotgun to your head, Vul'yin is very polite, overly in fact. he constantly tells fellow criminals not to swear, and strikes up conversation with random people. His new favoured weapon his his goldplated shotgun.

Relationships Edit

Kazunna: His brother who helps him run his guild. Vul'yins main choice of someone to tag-team with.

Kiandor: Been in The Shattered Smile from the beginning. Vul'yins second choice for a tag-team duo.

Illine: Friend from Veldbarad. Been friendly even when the two guilds were not.

Celeania: Vul'yin has a respect for the captain of Veldbarad, he has fought with, and forged an alliance with. He is wary of her, but is friendly.

Raltark: Vul'yins idiot son. Vul'yin has beaten and harassed Raltark numerous times for blabbing to people, and being an moron in general. Examples: In the middle of the inn, Vul'yin knee'd Raltark in the face, and kicked his stomach until blood ran out of his mouth. Then he dragged him outside, by the wrist he had twisted a few minutes before, and threw him down the stairs. Also shot Raltarks tusk off with his shotgun.

Zanalia: Vul'yin's girlfriend.

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