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Upon first glance of this mild and collected Troll, his icy skin tone would almost make one think Drakkari. However, from his lack of the Drakkari height, it's apparent he is either a midget or simply not one at all. His glassy silver eyes are usually downcast as if captivated in his thoughts or, even possibly, the dirt. His curved tusks extend far from his mouth, adorned with various beads, thread and small feathers. His long ears appear to be pierced and done up much the same.

The odd spikes of white hair protruding from his bony head is truly what makes Genny stand out at -all- in a crowd. His large snowy strands billows overhead, while the sides near his ears are shaved down near-completely.

Gennjin speaks in a low tenor, a good bit higher than the "stockier" of his breed. However, he doesn't speak loudly most often, so it seems to not be an issue for the fellow.


A member of the Winterax tribe from birth, the only thing Gennjin knew was war. The Winterax trolls had invaded Alterac Valley and were fighting the dwarves of the Stormpike clan and Frostwolf clan. When the tribe finally concluded that the best maneuver was to return to the Drakkari [their ancestors], Gennjin abandoned the only family he ever knew.

Goals and MotivesEdit

Currently Genny is seeking out more travelers and tradesman for his caravan, Solace. Although reserved and wary, he seems to have picked up companions along his journey and has taken on a position of leadership.


Rahjir: The Witch Doctor, who was the first troll he found after leaving his kin.


His snow-colored spiked hair with shaved sides and banded tusks. His voice is a tad higher than normal Trolls.

Public Knowledge & RumorsEdit

He dabbles in things Alchemical and seems to have a knack for fortune telling. Rahjir and he are lovers.

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