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Faylendine Firestar, or simply "Fay", is a young feral druidess with a short fuse and a heart of gold. Out of guilt for her destructive nature and her less than savory alchemical studies, Fay seeks to do good for Azeroth, devoting her good will to the ideals of the Lifewarden. Since a damper is kept on her rage, her enemies generally see her as little more than a minor annoyance. Loved ones in danger often triggers her boiling point.


Fay is of a relatively average height as far as Night Elves go, at 6'8" and her athletic frame weighs in near 200 lbs. She keeps herself in peak physical condition to maximize strength, endurance, and agility which leaves her curvature more tomboy-ish and less demure than many of her race. Her long, turquoise tresses drape down past the small of her back, usually knotted into a tight braid, with tufty, tousled bangs cut short over her forehead. Her skintone is a fresh violet, kept unmarred due to the regenerative properties of nature-based healing. Fay's eyes shine a brilliant gold, indicative of her fiery spirit and druidic inheritance. Often, Fay's expression is contemplative and terse, in hopes of keeping up a tough-gal appearance but when around her closest friends she can not help but smile, bearing sharpened carnivore's teeth. Her sharpened teeth are not natural by any means, it's a procedure she keeps up herself. Jagged tattoos resembling unusually shaped burns used to adorn her cheeks, but eventually she no longer deemed their reminder necessary.

Fay generally dresses for comfort, and is often barefoot. When geared up for fights on the battlefield, she clads herself in thick, iron-hided leathers and brandishes either a gnarled staff or a dense stone mallet. If she can help it, Fay's barefoot on the battlefield as well.


Fay is actually very kind-hearted and compassionate towards those that know her well, and those that genuinely need help despite being rough around the edges. A healer at heart, she'd love nothing more to heal the world in order to atone for her hot-headed misdeeds. On that note, in the case of being crossed, her temper flares up like the Great Furnace; a boiling, consuming rage that often elicits a violent vendetta.

Fay's behaviors are less than befitting of a lady Night Elf. She's gruff and quick to start a fight. Her nose is very keen, it's her most trusted sense. Fay claims it's the most powerful nose in the Eastern Kingdoms, it aids her in tracking and alchemy. It's not unusual for her to be caught catching a whiff of people she meets. Fay's poor with politeness, dresses in a most casual manner, and speaks Common with a rough, somewhat Dwarven dialect, fraught with words mushed together and dropped G's. Though a Night Elf herself, and technically a member of the Darnassian community, Fay harbors a disrespectful distaste for both Night Elves and Darnassus as a whole. This hatred extends towards Sin'Dorei and Quel'Dorei as well. In addition to her racism, she exhibits a deep-seated loathing for all things undead and Scourge, especially Death Knights. She has no qualms with the Horde as a whole.

"Y'picked th'wrong day t'be crossin' me, ya glorified frozen bucket."

When not "kickin' Blood Elf faces in" or on the hunt for her dinner, Fay either spends time with her close friends, or spends time alone studying alchemy, and has recently begun dabbling into engineering as well. She pursues apparently unsavory venues with both with alleged good intent. The icon of this intent is a necrotic rune powered, mechanical suit of plate armor that mimics the powers of Death Knights by means of various alchemical solutions in order to combat the influx of often troublemaking Death Knights. The plan is " t'fight fire with fire... 'er unholy with unholy, as it were..."

For some reason, she refuses to use her full name, Faylendine Firestar. Instead, she goes by "Fay." Only her closest friends know her full name and are kind enough to respect Fay's wishes it not be used.


Faylendine and Faylendara were born identical twins to Sentinel Captain Vilara and renegade Druid of the Moon Tharivol Firestar. Fay fled her small village home deep in the Stonetalon Mountains at a very, very young age, marked as a danger to the tiny society due to dabblings in fel magic and a conflagrant disaster. This disaster allegedly marked her father's death, for which Vilara and Faylendara hunted her for in later years. She thought she'd find safe haven across the sea, in hopes of joining the outcast Quel'Dorei, only to find they regarded the young Kal'Dorei to be good for little more than bait for the deadly beasts of the Great Sea.

The young elf found herself washed onto the shore of Westfall, where she'd have to survive for herself in a very strange new land. She eventually trudged her way past the grasslands into the lush Elwynn forest, where she lived for the vast majority of her life. In time of need, with the intervention of Ysera, the latent druidic potential inherent from her father was unlocked in order to secure her survival in the wild environment. Thankful, Fay made a covenant with the dragon she regarded as a god to abandon her attentions to the shadier magics. From there, she was able to grow up as a feral girl in the heart of the forest, living like a natural beast of the wild. She was taken in by a huge, grizzled, old mother bear in the forest that taught her the best ways to survive. Unbeknown to Fay at the time, this paragon of ursine maternity was, in fact, an elemental spirit that sought to bring serenity to the tantrum-inclined lost girl.

Even when man came to populate Elwynn, Fay's savage appearance led those who saw her to believe the young elf to be some kind of new purple troll. It wasn't until over a hundred years after her arrival in Westfall that Fay made contact with any other races. She rescued a cherubic little human girl that had wandered too far from the Northshire Abbey from a pack of vicious wolves. A predator in her own right, the feral girl growled and snarled and intimidated the wolves away with an incomplete transformation into the bear form of a Druid of the Claw. At the time, it was the only form she could take, and was only learned at all because of her surrogate mother.

Grateful for the unexpected rescue, Jordyn Bellewood, the adolescent priestess-in-training offered Fay all she could in return: Uncondition and unfettered kindness. Jordyn would venture into the woods to visit Fay, where they'd merely enjoy eachother's company. The clever girl taught her new elven friend Common, as well as everything she knew about human and dwarf-kind.

Then, the Third War struck. In desperate search for more join the fight against Archimonde and the Scourge, Fay was tracked down by Kal'Dorei diviners of Nor'drassil. The main Kal'Dorei community was unaware of her transgressions against the tiny, remote village that Fay originated from. Put into a wartime situation, still young Fay was little more than dazed and confused. She fought with cowardice and found herself mangled to near-death by ghouls within one of the first frays at the World Tree. After the battle was done, Fay awoke in Moonglade, having been rescued by one of the Kal'Dorei druids of the Cenarion Circle. The pitiful fight Fay had put up in the battle was blamed more on her lack of proper training than her overall confusion. Because of this, the druids of the Circle offered to take Fay in and teach her the extent of her powers properly. Fay would receive this education under the condition that she act an upstanding member of Darnassian society, once established.

Faylendine reluctantly agreed, and found herself assimilated into the new Darnassian society. She soon found herself torn between an agreement to be an upstanding citizen of Darnassus and learning she did not care for this society in the least. She disagreed and disapproved of many of its customs and traditions, and generally found that its people left a foul taste on her already guilty conscience. As soon as her most basic training was complete, Fay jumped at the first opportunity to continue her training away from Darnassus and ventured back to the city near her once-home in Elwynn Forest. There, she reunited with Jordyn, established a cozy niche in the forest, and learned about humans firsthand in Stormwind.

In Stormwind, Fay eventually associated herself with the kindly guild, Rise of the Phoenix, referred by none other than Jordyn Bellewood. Among the guild, a young Draenei priestess named Xheezen soon tested and redefined what Fay thought companionship and a romantic relationship should be. It never did settle completely with her, Fay still thinks she ought to find a male partner at some point.

Along the way, Fay came to meet those that would become most important in her life. During Hallow's End, she rescued a mage, Sinnead Montanari, from choking to death on smoke while trapped in the Lion's Pride during one of the Horseman's raids. It was in the same place that she met her now-closest friend, Amyren Autumnlight. This meeting was less than friendly, she nearly pummeled the poor Kal'Dorei girl for something so trivial as revealing that Fay's Darnassian is very, very poor. After an eventual apology, Amyren disclosed that a spiteful woman named Faylendara was putting a bounty on Fay's head. Fay met her current lover, Aleksi Dushaat because of one of Sinnead's silly games, truth or dare. They were playing the foreign game in Exodar until Sinnead dared Fay to travel to Shattrath city and ask the first swordsperson she saw out on a date. Upon reaching the sanctuary, Fay spotted an athletic woman with a peculiar accent discussing swords so special that they have names with a paladin, Dante Tichodius. With a groan, Fay begrudgingly asked the roguish swordswoman on a date, and came to adore her, the Great Captain Aleksi Dushaat of the Crimson Rose Corsairs. Fay met the very strange and abundantly over-muscled Rizetta while wandering Stormwind, awestruck by the unfathomable physique the odd draenei woman had. After a brief scuffle, similar to that with Amyren, Fay got to know Knight-Captain Neebra Dis'il Kahn, liasion between Darnassus and Stormwind. Yet another Night Elf, Fay came to know Sukaru Suen after an end had been put to the violent assassin's torment of Amyren. For some reason, the ghost of Sukaru haunted Fay and they developed a strange fondness for eachother.

Today, Fay resides in Ironforge's Hall of Explorers with Aleksi after her previous home with room mate Sinnead was commissioned to be the new home of the inscriptionists in Stormwind. She offers a helping hand to her nearest and dearest when needed between her studies of odd alchemies, new uses for engineering, and the Titans, especially Freya. Fay left the Rise of the Phoenix after the disappearance of Lady Groa and her second-in-command sister, Farithia, displeased with the leadership of druid, Darten. She's a member of exploratory group Titan, though most of her current associations are with the Society of Shadows, due to her deep friendship with its Matron, Amyren.

Fay's learned to master most of her feral abilities, and has undergone extensive training in hand-to-hand combat. Her magic, however, is rather poor. When attempting to heal people other than herself, she's forced to boost the restoration spell with a splash of arcane magic that gives her healing attentions a warm, tingling, almost electric sensation. Even her feral powers still get clumsy and reckless when enraged.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

  • To help in curing Azeroth of the Scourge with the help of the Lifewarden's wisdom
  • To become renowned for using alchemy with generally dire purposes for good
  • Atone for her rage-induced misdeeds
  • Settle down and have a family one day
  • Protect her nearest and dearest at all cost


  • Fay has a few close friends, and many friendly acquaintances.
  • She considers her best friend in the entirity of both worlds to be Amyren Autumnlight. There is no one in whom she confides more. Amyren is like a sister to Fay. A sister that doesn't want to murder her.
  • After a long try at getting Aleksi to be involved in an exclusive couple, Fay and Aleksi are in a devoted relationship, living together in Ironforge.
  • Fay doesn't have any outright enemies apart from her mother and twin sister.
  • Besides those she bickers with on racial base, she also harbors a hatred for Borus and his right-hand man, Mavellris. She also has a general dislike for Jagged Fel. Fay also openly taunts Mongra at every opportunity.
  • Fay often finds herself drawn towards warlocks and other shadow-wielders. She likes the way the magic smells.
  • Fay is friends with Oraibii; maybe she likes the way Ora smells.


  • Enjoys drinking often, particularly whiskey. She and Sinnead used to go out drinking to excess quite often. It was the first thing Fay and Aleksi bonded on.
  • Generally doesn't get herself involved in political matters or Horde vs. Alliance disputes
  • When her fuse is near blasting-point, her right ear begins to twitch
  • When embarrassed, she covers her blushing cheeks, usually unaware that her ears turn the same rosy shade as her cheeks
  • Has shown that she can, with minimal effort, suppress her odd accent
  • For some strange reason, whenever Fay is about to say something especially clever, which is generally alchemy related, she dons a pair of slim reading spectacles. The lenses in fact serve no purpose, but she feels they make her look smarter.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

  • Fay once tried to start her own guild, the Hand of the Lifewarden. It was unsuccessful with only one signature to the charter, Hiyoh Runefeather.
  • Fay is known to be a carnivore. She has no qualms about flesh from humanoids, though often tries to avoid it. Her favorite food is Naga, however. Her diet also consists of fruits and vegetables, but claims that breads and sweets make her violently ill.
  • Because she's used to eating raw food, Fay can't cook. At all. When she tries, she uses Moonfire and it never ends well.
  • Fay has a telepathic connection with Amyren, mutually agreed upon so that one can come to the rescue if the other is being a troublemaker... as usual.
  • Fay also has a hearthstone link with Aleksi for quick communication.
  • Fay is NOT Direstar, The Death Knight Slayer. Shh!
  • Fay is an expert alchemist, and a master of transmutations of all sorts.
  • Fay is also a skilled masseuse.

External linksEdit

Armory Page Fay in the Armory. (usually wearing RP gear)

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