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Exoskel “Exo” Waspeater Edit

Exoskel is an Orcish former Darkmoon Carnie and Tinker hobbyist turned loyal Hunter for the Horde. She rides a brown wolf named Pilot and speaks with the nebulous accent of someone who’s traveled quite a lot in very mixed company. She has an affinity for arthropods such as insects, spiders, scorpions and crabs. Nature’s mechanical wonders. Her favorite of these creatures being a big blue crab named Seabisket that she won in a drunken carnival game years ago.

From one Freak Show to Another Edit

Like most Orcs her age, Exo grew up in an internment camp. She was brought through the portal by her grandparents, who each passed away one at a time during their imprisonment. After Thrall freed his people, Exo’s sense of identity and loss remained. She was not at all sure what to do with herself or where she fit in. At the time, she definitely didn’t feel fit for battle and shuffled off to find her fortune somewhere more neutral and familiar.

Exo found herself in the company of the Darkmoon Faire before long, joining their now retired Freak Show. Used to being gawked at by Humans, it was easy work biting the heads off Silithids and making fierce faces and noises to impress the cake eaters. She made a lot of friends there, grew strong helping to move the Faire from place to place, and took up the hobby of tinkering alongside the carnie Gnomes and Goblins. It became over time less of a hobby and more an obsession, a distraction from thinking too hard about her identity and where she fit into the world.

Romance Edit

In the Darkmoon Faire, she also met the love of her life… “Lady Ceda” the Freak Show’s Dwarven “bearded lady.” Cedagaff was a fake; a straight male Dwarf who happened to love dressing up in ladies clothes and found a career in which he could do just that and make money for doing it. He wasn’t a pretty lady, but he passed and enjoyed himself. Exo adored him. They drank together, laughed together, teased and flirted until they finally hooked up and moved into the same wagon. They found they had a surprising amount in common. It was a very casual sort of carnie marriage they shared for a long time, and her Gaffy was even better at distracting her from the thoughts that crept up on her when she didn’t have enough to keep her busy.

In the end it was some of the things she admired about him that brought out that old haunting angst about her own heritage. He was proud to be a Dwarf. Sure, his oddities weren’t exactly the norm or embraced in his culture, but that didn’t make him any less proud or self assured. She was proud of the Orc race, but not of herself or her lack of contributions to her people. No matter how back breaking or disgusting her job, she felt like she’d taken the easy way out… and contributed to misconceptions amongst the Alliance races about the Orcs via her sideshow act on top of it. Prejudiced attitudes from Faire goers in Goldshire didn’t help either.

Leaving Darkmoon Edit

Exo won a tiny pet crab in an after hours drunken shooting game at the Faire. The Orc had always been a great shot in those sorts of games, even after good dozen Dwarven stouts. She named him Seabisket, and he grew very quickly. She even started teaching him tricks, which Cedagaff teased must have been for a new sideshow act.

These were just hobbies to keep her mind and hands busy, like the tinkering, but the Faire’s stops in Thunderbluff began to inspire her. These could be useful; had skills she could use to contribute to her people and the Horde. After a lot of soul searching, Exo decided that this was what she really needed to do: for herself.

Cedagaff was very reluctantly supportive once he realized how badly she needed this. He helped her pack up a few things to take to Orgrimmar. They were both heartbroken that he couldn’t –and wouldn’t want to- come with. She bade farewell to her friends and love, and set off to find herself.

Present Edit

Later, when she attended the Darkmoon Faire as a guest, she found that the Freak Show had been discontinued… and was told that “Lady Ceda” had retired to Ironforge. She continues to stop in at the Faires hoping to catch him visiting too as well as to reunite with old friends.

Otherwise, she can be found doing whatever she can to aid the great and honorable Thrall, honing her hunting skills as well as her tinkering. Afterall, those silly Gnomish toys can be extremely useful too. Not to mention that they also keep her mind off her lost Dwarven love.

((Cedagaff can sometimes be found running errands around Ironforge))

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